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How to enable a Siri voice command in Siri shortcuts

Siri Shortcuts voice commands

Sir shortcuts are a new feature in iOS 12 and bring quick actions across your apps on iOS, which will perform a task within the app automatically in the background or jump deep into the app to something you’ve might want to open and in this article I will show you How to enable Siri voice commands in Siri shortcuts.

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The Siri shortcuts is a huge step forward to support services or devices that may not have HomeKit and putting the power of how you speak to Siri into your hands and letting you customize the words your assistant is looking for is the icing on the cake.

Setting up Siri Voice commands for Siri shortcuts

  1. In your shortcuts library, tap on the 3 little circles at the top right of the shortcut you want to edit.
  2. When in the edit screen, tap on the small ‘sliders’ icon at the top right of the screen (next to the share icon).
  3. A settings window should appear, tap on ‘Add to Siri’.
  4. Press on the red record button then dictate your command. Siri will offer a suggestion but you’re free to say whatever you like.
  5. Tap ‘Done’ when you’re happy, and your command is saved.

Top Tip by reader Matthew Johns – If you pick a word that Siri has already associated with Homekit, like “kitchen’ or “bathroom”, then Siri will not run your selected shortcut. It tries to use Homekit and then tells you that it can’t.
So pick command words like “banana” and you’ll have no trouble.

So hopefully this tutorial will help you get the best out of Siri shortcuts and add Siri voice commands to them. If you want to check out some Hive Home Siri shortcuts then check out this article which will show you how to create some very useful Siri shortcuts for the popular Hive smart heating from British Gas.

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