HomePod not selling

HomePod shipments for 2018 ‘could be far below market expectations’, according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Mind-Chi Kuo has said that expects HomePod shipments to arrive at 5-10 million units in the 2018 fiscal year, versus his forecast of only 2.0-2.5 million units, wrote Kuo, in a research note obtained by MacRumors.

The ‘major miss’ in HomePod shipments is thought to be related to the speaker’s high price and lack of smart functionality. Kuo says the price ‘could undermine demand despite excellent sound quality’ and notes that Siri provides an “uninspiring user experience” compared to rivals.

Why is HomePod lagging behind competitors

Whilst various analysts including Bloomberg have reported low sales volumes of the HomePod, the big question if these reports are true, why is the HomePod not selling and lagging behind its competition.

It’s been six years since Apple introduced Siri to the market, which was way ahead of the firm’s major competitor, but progress to push Siri has slowed in my view since the emergence of Google Assistant and Alexa, with the latter really making the biggest progress.

When the HomePod first arrived people assumed that the smart speaker would be able to do things like answering questions, ordering shopping and travel and traffic information, but Apple’s focus has been on creating a high-end speaker for playing music via Apple Music.

HomePod low-Cost version

According to Kuo Apple is mulling over a low-cost HomeApple, but regardless of this Apple will need to open up the HomePod to perform better with Siri with more languages, better support for third-party services to even get close to its competitors

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Kuo’s research on potentially lower-than-expected HomePod shipments echoes similar reports from Bloomberg News and the China Times earlier this week. Rumours about a lower-priced HomePod have also surfaced a few times in recent months.

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