HomeKit wish list for WWDC 2019 – Everything thats known

As WWDC 2019 fast approaches and despite it being a week-long event, the focus for most Apple fans is the Keynote on Monday. The WWDC 19 keynote starts Monday, June 3 at 10 am PDT, that’s 5 pm GMT to us in the UK.

Apple will live-stream the event on its website, but I will also be doing a liveblog along with analyst and opinion on the various WWDC keynote announcements. So remember to check back for that

Straight of the bat, we will not see any new hardware like the Apple Watch 5, However, we will see iOS 13, WatchOS 6 and macOS 10.15. These new Apple OS versions will bring improvements to existing Apple hardware, but give us a hint of what to expect in the future.

Before we get started, as always the wishlist is base on information received, other reports and a sprinkle of what I would like. Some of it will be right and some of it may be well off. But remember to check back for the liveblog Monday.

HomeKit at WWDC 2019

HomeKit is a secure and solid smart home platform, but it can’t be denied its lagging behind the likes of Google and Amazon. Yes, Apple does have the privacy concerns nailed down, but with the other two starting to make steps in the right direction, then Apple needs to step up its efforts with HomeKit.

HomeKit redesign and more icon choices

The Home App has had very little changes made to it since its introduction at WWDC 2014. So, when comparing the Home app to its competitors like Google, it is lagging behind in its ease of use and layout.

It would be great to have the ability to favourite a room within the Home app like you can with devices. This would then give the user easy access to a room, rather than having to swipe through multiple rooms.

Currently, the Home app has limited icon choices for devices. It would be great to see Apple give users more choices for icons.HomeKit WWDC wishlist

Ability to link morning alarms with HomeKit scenes

Wouldnt it be great to set an alarm and then in the morning before the alarm is activated the lights in the bedroom illuminates based on a preset level? While you can achieve this with other apps, it would be great to have this option in the Home app.

Multi-users in HomeKit

When you expose your smart devices to HomeKit any user you have given access to HomeKit, gets access to that device. What happens if you have a set of devices like cameras or window sensors you don’t want your kids messing with?

It would be great if Apple could provide some multi-user support for HomeKit to allow the main user to restrict what users could do or see in the Home App

HomeKit Security cameras

We should see better support for security cameras according to this source, giving users the ability to view past recordings. How this would work is unknown, but I suspect that it would use iCloud storage to save the video recordings for playback later.

HomeKit for Android?

No rumours suggest this is going to happen,  but it’s an interesting possibility to consider. Could an updated Home app bring us a version for Android phones, too? Chances are slim.

But opening up the platform even further would be a welcome change of pace. There are plenty of people out there who live life with one foot in each camp, owning hardware from both ends of the smart home world.

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HomePod Mini at WWDC?HomePod Mini at WWDC 2019

This one is not so much a rumour, but an item from my own personal Apple wishlist. There is very little evidence that a HomePod in any smaller or more affordable device is coming soon, and WWDC isn’t primarily a hardware-focused event.

However, I think Apple would be wise to see the value in a HomePod mini model that puts HomeKit and Siri in the homes of more Apple users who don’t want to spend $300 on a smart speaker.

We have already seen success with Google and Amazon bringing mini versions of there smart speakers and Apple shouldn’t fear the small smart speaker. I genuinely believe if they came out with a cheaper HomePod, it would help with there position in the smart home market.

Don’t forget to follow our WWDC liveblog Monday, 3rd June to receive the latest on HomeKit at WWDC.

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