HomeKit support for Ring imminent, neighbours will be happy

It would appear that HomeKit support is imminent for the Doorbell Pro and Spotlight Cam. The HomeKit mess started in 2016 when Ring announced HomeKit support for their DoorBell Pro. But despite many promises, HomeKit support has not arrived.

But it looks like things are about to change for Ring neighbours that use HomeKit, as reported on zatznotfunny.com earlier today.

Since 2016, the Ring Twitter account had been copy and pasting the same repeated PR messages of “HomeKit support Coming soon.” But it looks like we have movement on the Ring HomeKit support. After Twitter user @mrdanielfeo spotted two new entries in Apple MFI program, the Ring Doorbell Pro and Spotlight Cam.Ring HomeKit support

Until recently, Apple required manufacturers to use a special MFi chip for all HomeKit certified devices. However, since 2018, Apple removed the need for the chip and now only requires a software authentication method.

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While we saw this move by Apple as a big step forward for smart home manufacturers. It has still taken time for devices to come onboard with Ring being one of the slow adopters.

However, with these latest revelations, could we now see Ring Homekit support arrive and with WWDC around the corner, will this announced inline with Apples big event and rumoured changes to Homekit?

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