HomeKit support coming to your TV to support Controlling Power, Volume, Input, Brightness

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Vizio, Sony, and LG have all recently announced that their new smart TVs will support Apple HomeKit. Based on a recent find by developer Khaos Tian, it looks like your TV will support, Controlling Power, Volume, Input, Brightness.

Thanks to a config file spotted by developer Khaos Tian, he has found details on what features may be controllable via Homekit on an iOS device.

HomeKit for TV includes support for controlling power, volume, input source, brightness, media state, picture mode, and actual remote functionalities (key simulation).

This is exciting news for customers planning to purchase a new TV but not so much for users who have an older 2018 or earlier model.

However, a petition has already started to try and convince LG to add HomeKit support to 2016, 2017, and 2018 televisions.LG TV HomeKit supportBut even if the petition is not successful,Tian says this might not require that much work. The profile actually fits quite well with existing LG TV API so bridging support for old TV may not actually need too much work. Hopefully, a developer will be able to tinker with the code and provide support for HomeKit LG TV’s in the future.HomeKit TVif you are thinking of buying a HomeKit or AirPlay 2 enabled TV, then Apple has posted a list of AirPlay 2 enabled televisions but has yet to list all the models which will support HomeKit.

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Jason Tang
Jason Tang

Shame LG won’t back date the update, even though they can

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