HomeKit Secure Video guide, iCloud plans, cameras, how it works

HomeKit Secure Video is coming later this year when Apple releases iOS 13 and like me you are excited for it will bring. However, you may have several questions regarding iCloud plans, supported cameras and how it works.

So in this article I will give you the lowdown on HomeKit Secure Video and everything you need to know about compatible cameras along with iCloud plans.

How does HomeKit Secure Video work?

The camera will record the footage as normal, with live viewing available as usual. While recording, your HomeKit hub locally processes the video for motion detection and sends the relevant alert. Once the recording is complete, HomeKit encrypts the video files and then uploaded to iCloud for viewing.

You can then view the contents within the Home app either via a live feed or you can playback the past 10 days.

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HomeKit Secure video subscriptionsSupport iCloud plans on HomeKit secure video

If you have the 200GB plan Apple gives you ten days of storage for the recordings for a single camera but increases that number up to five cameras if you have the 2TB plan. This is good when you compare this to other smart camera provider subscription models.

HomeKit Secure Video support on lower iCloud plan?

In iOS 12, HomeKit displays a live feed of the camera with all the processing and storage managed by the camera manufacturer.

This will not change if you are not a subscriber to the higher tier plans, you will still get live feed, notifications and motion controls.

In fact, even if you are a 200GB or 2TB iCloud subscriber, you don’t have to use HomeKit Secure Video if you are happy with your current video storage.

However, I was speaking to an Apple source this week, and they suggested that Apple may offer 1 camera support with 24 hours storage for the 50GB plan. However, the free 5GB iCloud will get nothing and I am not surprised

Please take this information with a pinch of salt until Apple officially confirms support for HomeKit Secure Video with the 50GB iCloud plan.

HomeKit Secure Video plans breakdown

  • 2TB: – 5 cameras with 10 days of storage
  • 200GB: – 1 cameras with 10 days of storage
  • 50GB: – No support at present, but that may change closer to launch
  • 5GB: – No HomeKit Secure Video support

Supported smart security camerasHomeKit secure video support cameras

Apple says that Netatmo, Logitech, and Eufy will be among the first companies to provide cameras with HomeKit Secure Video support.

These are the only confirmed manufacturers, but I suspect we will see the likes of D-Link with the OMNA 180 coming to the HomeKit party.

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Netatmo say they would support the new smart video doorbell when it arrives later in the year.

The other good news is that existing camera hardware like the Presence and the indoor camera will get support via a firmware update when iOS 13 arrives.

Logitech Circle 2

Logitech has confirmed that they will bring HomeKit Secure Video to its Circle 2 camera later in the year. I also suspect we will see other smart camera hardware later in 2019.

Eufy smart cameras

Eufy have stated that “we continue to be committed to HomeKit and will bring HomeKit Secure Video later in 2019.” They have also confirmed they will introduce new models and upgrade existing products through firmware updates later in 2019.

The new model they alluded too is more than likely the Eufy Security Video Doorbell they announced last week.

Wired or wireless

In iOS 12, HomeKit support for smart cameras is limited to wired models and this will not change in iOS 13. So this means users with wireless smart cameras will not get support HomeKit Secure Video.

iOS 13 is in developer beta and so is the changes to HomeKit. The new software will more than likely arrive in September along with the new iPhone hardware. As the HomeKit beta progress, I will keep this article updated. So Don’t forget to subscribe to receive the latest on HomeKit and smart home. If you have a question or comment, then leave it below.

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