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Home Smart home Home App coming to MacOS Mojave to control HomeKit

Home App coming to MacOS Mojave to control HomeKit

Home App coming to MacOS

Home App for HomeKit has been on iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod for some time now and now Home App is coming to MacOS.

For sometime users of HomeKit have wanted to control their smart devices via Mac, but have been unable to do so. However, with MacOS Mojave, you’ll be able to control your smart home devices straight from your Mac.

HomeKit on MacOS

At WWDC 2018 Monday, Apple announced MacOS Mojave. With the new software, we are getting the Home app on Mac and regular readers of Active JR will know how much of a fan of HomeKit and smart home in general. HomeKit for MacOS

In a previous is an article on what to expect at WWDC 18 for HomeKit, one of the feature requests was HomeKit on the Mac and this is now coming and it will work in the same way as it does on iOS.

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The Home app for Mac will look and work in the exact same way as it does on iOS allowing you to control your smart home devices connected to HomeKit. You will also be able to setup Home automation and triggers in the exact same way. I am yet to have a play with HomeKit on the App but will give it a run through over the next couple of days and report back.

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Control HomeKit accessories with Siri on your mac

Since Siri was built into the Mac you have been able to do a variety of things with Siri, however speaking a HomeKit command didn’t yield a positive response.

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However, One of the other features is that you will be able to control HomeKit accessories on your Mac via Siri. This means if you are sat at your desk working and you are using one of the latest MacBook Pro’s with the built-in Siri button you will be able to command your smart home devices without picking up your iPhone.

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As I have said I will be putting the Home app for Mac through some testings over the next couple of days, so don’t forget to keep checking back or subscribe. If you have any comments or questions then leave them below.

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