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Giro d’Italia 2017 route leaked ahead of presentation

The 100th edition of the Giro d’Italia in 2017 will stay within Italy’s borders and features a time trial to finish the race off

The Giro d’Italia, according to a leak, will travel from the toe to the Alps in the north next May. It will climb the Stelvio twice and feature more time trial kilometres than its French counterpart, the Tour de France.

giro d'Italia at the alps
Third place finisher Jarlinson Pantano (Colombia) crossed the line with nothing left to give.

The race will start in Sardinia with three stages that the organiser already unveiled in September. From there, local newspapers have reported most of the other stages and a leak today revealed the 21 stage profiles. RCS Sport has not confirmed the information.

With the race being the 100th edition, the Giro will finish in Milan. The country’s business capital hosted the start and finish of the first edition in 1909 and is home to RCS Sport.

A 28-kilometre time trial is expected to end the race. That combined with a 39.2-kilometre time trial through Umbria’s Sagrantino wine region would put the Giro ahead of the Tour in terms of time trial kilometres for 2017. The Tour offers 36 kilometres in stages one and 20 next year.

The Giro d’Italia island hops to Sicily before heading to the mainland. After the first travel/rest day, it features its first summit finish up the iconic Mount Etna. The next day, the race finishes ends in Nibali’s home town of Messina.

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