GE Smart Bulbs Get HomeKit Support


● C-LIFE: Our LED smart bulb that gives you more control of perfect everyday light—with instant dimming and brightening, preset scenes, and more. Perfect for every room, all day long.

● C-SLEEP: Our smart LED bulb with 3 color settings (Vibrant for the AM, Active for the day, and Calm for the PM) that support your sleep/wake cycle. It’s perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, or any room in the house. Smart dreams…

● SOL: With the features and functionality of Amazon Alexa, our all-in-one smart lamp gives you voice control of its 5 unique light settings (including light that supports your sleep/wake cycle), clock and timer functions, play music, and much more.

● C-REACH: Our hub that enables voice compatibility with a voice assistant device and out-of-home control of your C by GE smart devices.

What’s New In This Version:
Homekit functionality added!

To add HomeKit functionality, you must use the C-REACH hub and a C-LIFE or C-SLEEPbulb. The C-REACH hub costs $39.97 and the C-LIFE and C-SLEEP bulbs cost $18.49 and $15.95, respectively. The starter kit with two bulbs is $50.05.

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