Garmin WearOS watch and why its not coming to the Fenix 6

WearOS powered Garmin fitness watch around the corner

Rumours are starting to surface of a Garmin WearOS watch that is supposed to be in the works within Garmin development teams. Whilst I could see a Garmin WearOS watch coming in the future, I really can’t see a Garmin Fenix 6 running Andriod wear being released, here’s why

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I just want to point out that some of the content in this post is speculation, some are points based on how I see the market going and some of it is based on chats with various industry people who are in the know with certain Garmin or smartwatch development.

Garmin WearOS and the future

Whilst the current information does not give us much about what a WearOS powered Garmin would look like. The data does suggest that a Garmin watch running WearOS (formally Andriod wear) could be coming in the future.

For me, fitness/smartwatches are split into 2 categories.

Fitness watch, smartwatch 2nd

This first category is aimed at the “athlete” category or the budding athlete that wants solid fitness features, sensor connectivity and a long battery life. Most of these users want some smartwatch capability. But smartwatch features are a secondary need.

Smartwatch first with fitness features

The 2nd category is someone that wants a smartwatch first with great integration into smart features. Fitness features are still a priority, but they don’t need all the sensor connectivity or detailed stats.

I already hear you saying in your head, but there are other groups of users other than the 2 above, I agree. But these are the biggest 2 segments in my view and the very reason why I see a Garmin WearOS watch coming in the future.

What does a Garmin WearOS watch look like?

So in terms of why I am thinking we will see a Garmin WearOS watch coming soon is that there is a group of users that want a good blend of smartwatch watch and fitness features with a great connectivity to various sensors like ANT+ or Bluetooth.

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A WearOS powered Garmin fitness watch if packaged correctly could bring a very powerful fitness watch experience with some solid smartwatch features. This has been demonstrated by efforts with the Amazfit Stratos and the Polar M600 which really showed the power of Andriod Wear back when it first came out.

To add to this, A Garmin WearOS fitness watch would also attract a large Android user base that Garmin would want to get access to, but this is already saturated with other WearOS brands.

Fenix 6 running WearOS?Garmin Fenix 6 WearOS

So because of the above points regarding the split between serious “athletes” smartwatch/gym types then its very likely the Fenix range will continue with its proprietary OS and not move to the WearOS platform in the short to medium term.

This belief is due to the battery life and fitness features the Fenix user will require may not be delivered in a Garmin WearOS watch and Garmin will want to use a device such as the Vivoactive 3.

By using a device such as the Vivoactive 3, they can test the appetite of WearOS within the Garmin community, look at ways to push the battery life performance before considering moving the future Fenix watch to a new OS.

Garmin WearOS release?

So based on the current thinking, speculation and information, A Garmin WearOS watch may arrive towards the end of 2019, but we won’t see large scale adoption until at least 2020 and certainly, won’t see a Fenix 6 running WearOS anytime soon.

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