Garmin Vivomove 3 Series – What is known

It appears to be a leaky week for Garmin with various leaks of the Fenix 6, and the Vivoactive 4. It would now appear based on images that the Garmin Vivomove will get some upgrade treatment later this year.

While the leaked images appear to show the Vivomove 3 name, this could change closer to the time. The leak image shows 2 models with a suggestion of a dual-screen. The details about resolution are unknown at this stage, but it will be colour.

In terms of features, it’s fair to say that the Vivomove 3 will get some new bits. It is possible that this will adopt a few of the Firstbeat features body battery. It would also be great to see it get some swim tracking, but don’t expect to be jumping in the sea with it.

I would also suspect that the Vivomove 3 will get a battery life upgrade from its already 5 days.

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The previous model lacked any form of GPS and based on the leaked image, it would appear the Vivomove 3 will utilise a connected smartphone for GPS data. I would also say NFC for contactless payments is also possible.Vivomove 3 dual screen

In terms of release date, they announced the previous Vivomove HR in August 2017 prior to IFA in Berlin, Germany, September 1-6 that year. So, I suspect they will launch the Vivomove 3 alongside the Vivoactive 4 to follow a similar pattern and be in time for Christmas sales.

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