Garmin Vivofit 4 has a color display and 1 year battery life

The Garmin Vivofit 4 has been released by Garmin featuring an impressive one year battery life and a colour display. Whilst you will be thinking this is not new for the Vivofit range as the Vivofit 3 has a one year battery life, but it is still impressive.


Garmin Vivofit 4 with one year battery


Vivofit 4 Fitness tracking

Tracking on the Garmin Vivofit 4 tracks all the basics – steps, distance, calories – while Move IQ also detects activities like running, biking and swimming. The Vivofit 4 is also waterproof meaning you will be able to take it in the shower and the pool, but no dedicated swimming app is featured on the Garmin Vivofit 4

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Themes and watch faces

You will be able to customise your display in the Garmin Connect smartphone app, changing themes and what appears on the display. You also have the option to set alarms and other different options.

What I am surprised at is that Garmin didn’t release this for the Christmas buying season as a fitness tracker at this price point is a good stocking filler. However, as we move into 2018 lots of people want to shift the extra weight gained during the holiday season and starting joining gyms and buying fitness tech, so it could be a smart move by Garmin

So what do you think to the Vivofit 4, will you be buying it? As always I will be getting my hands on to give the Vivofit 4 a full review.

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  1. Slightly off-topic here but as they haven’t released anything pre-CES on a Fenix 6 (or 5 upgrade) does anyone think it’s likely that they will in time for CES 2018? I’ve got an unopened Fenix 5x Sapphire in front of me and I’m wondering if I should crack it open and get on with it or return it for Fenix 6 that MIGHT come out soon?

  2. Thanks JR. My comment is awaiting moderation but I saw what you replied with. I can return it within 14 days of collection so I might just hang on to it for a few days like you say. I’d be keen to know more about the GarminPay side rather than the music storage. If I’m going to keep this for a few years I’d like to futureproof my big purchase as much as I can and if I can get 1 with an NFC chip in then I think that’d be worth waiting for…

    • I am assuming because you said 14 day return you are from the UK? If so GarminPay is not here yet.

      However it should be coming in early 2018.

  3. Thanks JR. I’m in sunny South Wales so quite local-ish. I saw the Forerunner 645 announcement today and that it has Garmin Pay as well as offline music storage. Am I right in understanding, though, that the 645 is ONLY a running watch? Whereas the Fenix 5x Sapph. can do multi-sport (but currently no Pay or music storage).

    Also, do Garmin stagger their announcements or is that it for this week?

    Sorry to use you as my personal Garmin advisor 🙂 I’ll pick up my 5x tomorrow and then the clock will be ticking but I’ll know in a few days what else is being released.


    • It’s a running orientated watch. However it does have other sports profiles like the Fenix 5x for cycling and swimming along with the strength and cardio stuff

      However what it does lack is the support for power meters for cycling, open water swimming.

      So I would say if you are a runner first then this is a good watch, but the Fenix 5x is a watch that does everything with maps

      In terms of announcements, Garmin in my opinion have no set pattern, however I suspect we won’t see a Fenix 5 update at CES this year. But that does not stop them bringing something else out later

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