Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music Verizon released

Vivoactive 3 Music LTE support via Verizon

Garmin today released the Vivoactive 3 Music Verizon with LTE support so you can use take your watch to send text messages, alert people in an emergency, live track and even download music.

Vivoactive 3 Music with LTE design

The LTE Verizon version looks identical to the previous Vivoactive 3 Music but comes in a unique Black with Red Accents and Slate colours.

It features the same hardware for the screen, case and strap along with the same optical HR sensor.

Vivoactive 3 Music with LTE specs

The specs of the Vivoactive 3 Music Verizon is the same as the none LTE version.

  • GPS smartwatch for the active lifestyle connects with Verizon for phone-free safety features, music downloads and texting (monthly Verizon service plan required)
  • Safety features include incident detection during select activities and assistance, which both send your real-time location to emergency contacts – phone-free
  • Easily download up to 500 songs to your watch and connect with headphones (sold separately) enabled with BLUETOOTH® technology for phone-free listening
  • Verizon connection allows you to send and receive text messages from your wrist
  • Features more than 15 preloaded sports apps, Elevate™ wrist-based heart rate¹ and the Garmin Pay™ contactless payment solution
  • Battery life: up to 5 days in smartwatch mode or up to 4 hours when connected to Verizon, using GPS and playing music and using the LiveTrack feature over 4G LTE

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Vivoactive 3 Music with LTE support

As mentioned above, Garmin has included support for LTE with the new Vivoactive 3 Music via Verizon, so it looks like the rest of the world is out of luck.

You can use the mobile data connection for the following

  • Live Track feature
    • Garmin has included Live Track for some time, but not you can use the mobile connection on the Vivoactive 3 Music to let people track you in real time, all without a phone.
  • Emergency Contact feature
    • If anything should happen, hold the watch’s button until the watch vibrates three times to activate the assistance feature, which discreetly sends a message with your real-time location to your preloaded emergency contacts.Vivoactive 3 Music phone free
  • Incident detection
    • Sends a message with your real-time location to your preloaded emergency contacts if an incident is detected during an outdoor walk, run or bike activity.
  • Sending text messages limited to 320 characters
    • You can even initiate, receive and respond to text messages on your watch
  • Downloading music from Select music providers, all phone free.
    • Use your Verizon connection to download your favourite songs and it looks like Spotify, Deezer and iHeartRadio will be supported. However you cannot stream music only download music like you can over wifi.Download songs to Vivoactive 3 Music LTE

The Vivoactive 3 Music Verizon requires a monthly subscription, but with no annual commitment.

Other features and battery

You also get Garmin Pay and smartphone notifications and fitness tracking. Unfortunately, you’ll get five days of battery life instead of the seven days on the regular Vivoactive 3 Music with just 4 hours of LTE use.

Vivoactive 3 Music Verizon pricing and availability

Garmin has not yet given an indication of pricing, but it will be north of $299 with a shipping date of around March/April 2019

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  1. Hi Jon, do you think Garmin is going to release during the 2019 a New watch to repleace the 235, 735 or 935?, becuase the Fenix line are more oriented to the people who do some outdoor sport more than the thriathlete or marathoner, or they expect to continue improving the 645 and the 935?


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