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Garmin Vector 3 released with no pods

Garmin Vector 3 released with pricing

Garmin has released the Vector 3 along side the Garmin Edge 1030 GPS cycling computer. The Garmin Vector 3 upgrades on the Vector 2 and don’t include a pod that needs to be installed on a bike and this will allow for easier changing between bikes.

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Vector 3 pedal

Garmin Vector 3 pricing

Garmin has released the Vector 3 today and the price will start at $999 / £849.99 for the Vector 3 and $%99 / £499  for the Vector 3s. 

Garmin Vector 3 spec highlights

  • Single- (3s) and dual-sided (3) power-measuring options
  • No pods
  • Claimed +/- 1% accuracy
  • ANT+ and Bluetooth
  • Installs with standard pedal wrench, not Allen wrench

Garmin Vector 3 new design and pedals

Garmin has dropped Exustar pedals and instead developed their own pedal, which is a big move for them. In addition to to the pedal change, they have changed the bearing type from a bronze bearing to needle bearings. The final change is the spindle, and this has changed both inside and outside. I think the pedal design looks cleaner and sleeker.

Garmin Vector 3 pedals

Garmin Vector 3 decrease in battery and no pods

The new Vector 3 and 3S pedals do away with the pods, and instead use LR44 and SR44 batteries inside the pedals. Previously it was 150 hours on Vector 1/2, however with Vector 3 it’s roughly in the 120 hour range with Cycling Dynamics and Bluetooth Smart enabled. The decrease in battery life is not major but I am a little disappointed regarding this.

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Vector 3 pedal 2

Garmin Vector 3 increase and decrease in weight

The Garmin Vector 3 has decreased in weight and now weighs 162g versus the previous 179g for the Vector 2. However, the noticeable difference is the increased certified weight for the rider using them. The previous Vector 2 was only certified to 90KG (198Lbs) but the Vector 3 weight is 105KG (231 lbs) which is a big difference to cyclists and will open them up to heavier cyclists.

Garmin Vector 3 Bluetooth smart

This is used both for firmware updates, as well as connectivity to head units using Bluetooth Smart. This will help users with other devices and I will certainly welcome the ability to upgrade via Garmin connect mobile

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