Garmin TrueUp gets an update with Physio data sync

Keep your Firstbeat data synced across all your Garmin fitness devices

Garmin TrueUp has been around for some time across a number of Garmin fitness devices, but Garmin has announced that they will be bringing Physio TrueUp for owners of the Fenix 5 series, Forerunner 935, Forerunner 645, Vivoactive 3 and Edge 1030 are now able to download the software update in Beta form to allow you to keep your FirstBeat physio data synced across all devices.

Since Garmin fitness devices got the TrueUp feature, people have been asking for better integration of this feature across devices and personally, I have been wanting sync of my FirstBeat data across the Edge 1030 and the Fenix 5X which I use on a regular basis.

What is Garmin TrueUp

So first of all, a little background to Garmin TrueUp. TrueUp works each time you sync your activity tracker device it will update the Garmin Connect backend with your activity stats. Then when you sync any other Garmin devices it will keep all your activity stats in-sync.

What is Garmin TrueUp PhysioGarmin Fenix 5 training status

So what does Garmin TrueUp with Physio date give you?

It enables you to keep your Firstbeat powered physiological metrics from each device in sync across all your devices and if you get a new device, it’s automatically transferred across. This feature will be particularly useful for things like VO2 Max.  This is done by Garmin Connect acting as a data repository, making sure everything syncs up across all your fitness devices connected to Garmin Connect.

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If a compatible device,  it will sync the FirstBeat data across devices, but if you use a device like a Garmin Edge 820 which does not have FirstBeat it will still use the data in the calculation if you have another device like the Fenix 5.

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The benefit of Physio TrueUp is your Training Status, Training Load, and VO2 Max will also be updated using activities from your other devices, as will your Recovery Time. This update syncs your last 30 days of training history from Garmin Connect so you don’t have to start from scratch.

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