Garmin to launch several new smartwatches at IFA 2019

Although the leak train has been going for sometime now around Garmin. More evidence has emerged that the company has some new fitness watches ready for launch, even as soon as IFA 2019.

While some news outlets are reporting up to 6 devices, it’s in fact only 4 as some are just model variants. The Fenix 6 is could be another device announced, but it could be CES 2020.

Leaks of the Garmin Vivoactive 4, Vivomove 3 have been around for sometime now. However, an article by WinFuture suggests that the renders that people thought was the Vivoactive 4, are in fact a new line called the Garmin Venu.

Garmin VenuGarmin Venu

What We originally thought to be the Vivoactive 4, is in fact the Garmin Venu, a new brand device in Garmin’s portfolio? The new device is rumoured to feature a high-quality case, touchscreen.

The new Garmin device will support Garmin Pay, music playback through Spotify and Deezer. It will also support different sports activities along with GPS and a wrist based heart monitor.

Originally when the first pictures where leaked, I thought it this would be a WearOS Vivoactive 4. But I doubt this device will support WearOS.

Garmin Vivoactive 4 and 4sGarmin Vivoactive 4

It looks like the Vivoactive 4 (44mm) and Vivoactive 4s (40mm) seem to only differ by the size of their case and screen sizes. It looks like both devices will get more or less the same features as previous models, but with some extras like Body resources.

Garmin Vivomove 3 Sport 3s and StyleGarmin Vivomove 3

It looks like the Vivomove 3 will get an upgrade at IFA 2019 with a slightly tweaked design Like their predecessor, the 3 Sport and 3s have heart rate monitors and tracking stats capability, but no built in GPS.

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Additionally, the Vivomove style will be added to the range. The Vivomove Style is a hybrid smartwatch with a full colour display and analog hands on top. The new device will come with a new feature that will allow you to save battery life by turning off the display when you don’t need it.

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