Garmin partner with Mercedes on a Vivoactive 3 special edition

Mercedes has partnered with Garmin on a special edition Vivoactive 3 music that lets your car know how stressed you are and it will adjust the car environment via the MBUX.

Once connected to the Mercedes Me mobile application the MBUX – Infotainment system will then figure out how calm or stressed you are and adapt accordingly.

So, for example, it might change the air conditioning, ambience lighting, seat massages, or music to keep in your Mercedes vehicle.

If the data collected from the Garmin wearable determines you’re under emotional strain or tension, it will even go as far as plotting a new route or even suggesting a comfort break.

Vivoactive 3 Music Mercedes edition

The Mercedes-branded Vivoactive 3 comes with custom materials and display screens. It is expected to go on sale at Mercedes dealerships from March 2019. There’s been no word on pricing yet.

Because it connects to the MBUX, then it only looks like it will support the New Class, B Class and the 2020 CLA Coupe that was announced at CES 2019.

What is unclear is if any other Garmin wearables will be supported by Mercedes at this stage, but I am personally hoping it does as I own the New Mercedes A Class with MBUX Infotainment system and would love to test the new feature with my Fenix 5x Plus.

However given Mercedes current record of updating the MBUX system, it will be anyone’s guess when this feature actually roles out

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