Garmin MARQ Commander leaked

Following a series of leaks for Garmin it looks like it’s time for the MARQ to get a new edition to its lineup with the Commander. The MARQ Commander is rumoured to be  military style watch that will feature, tactical, jumpmaster, Stealth and night vison modes.

The Marq line is meant to fill a different role where traditional timepieces would typically live, including driving, piloting a plane, boating, and hiking. The MARQ Commander will be a military style watch, just like the Garmin Instinct tactical.

Design & Features

The current MARQ line up feature high-end build and materials. So I expect the Garmin MARQ commander to share the same build. So we should see the MARQ Commander sporting a titanium case along with a sapphire crystal screen for protection. Besides the tough materials, it will also ship with a military style strap.Garmin MARQ Commander design

On the rear of the device, the Commander will get the Gen 3 Garmin ELEVATE optical HR sensor with PulseOx SpO2 measurement. Inside of the device, the Commander will get the Sony GPS chipset which supports GPS, GLONASS and Galileo.

As the name suggests, the Commander is a military-oriented watch. The MARQ Commander will offer features including Jumpmaster for different skydiving types. It will also offer tactical Mode. This mode allows you to display two sets of coordinates on a single screen at the same time.

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Adding to the military style feature set, the MARQ Commander will get stealth mode. Which will disable all wireless communications and means that the device won’t store and share the user’s GPS position, although it will still be visible to the user.Garmin MARQ Commander stealth mode

If you want to get all Call of Duty style, you will activate night vision mode. This mode changes the backlighting so the user can read the display while the user is wearing night vision goggles.

In terms of fitness features we should see the usual sports profiles along with full mapping capability. As with the current MARQ line up, the Commander will get physio features around training load, recovery, and acclimation.Garmin MARQ Commander tactical

In terms of smart features, it will feature Garmin Music offering offline music playback/storage, including Spotify support. It will also include Garmin Pay for contactless payments.

Release and price

In terms of price, I expect it they will price the Garmin MARQ Commander at around $1600 dollars and is likely to ship before Christmas 2019.

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