Garmin leaks for 2020 – New Forerunners, Fenix, Edge devices

Looks like 2020 will be another busy year for Garmin with updates to the Forerunner, Fenix, Edge and Vector lineup. According to a reliable source, The5KRunner, we will see new variants of the Fenix 6, an Edge 1030 Plus and a Forerunner 955 LTE.

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Ok, before you check your credit card balance, none of these devices are certain nor is there any other information other than this source. Also, as you read through the information known so far, none of them sound like worthy upgrades.

New Forerunners with LTE

The Forerunner 745 has been rumoured for sometime and it looks like it could arrive in early 2020. However, as pointed out by the source of this information, this device is very close to other models.

Next up is the Forerunner 955 which is likely to land end of Summer 2020. We should see a larger screen, better battery and faster processor. Although I am not sure what value any of that will bring as the Forerunner 945 is already a capable running watch.

Finally, the FR655 may arrive in 2020, but no real evidence of this at this stage. So keep checking back for more information.

Sporty Fenix devices

There appears to be a sport variant planned for the Fenix 6 and Fenix 6S. Which could mean a plastic strap or a lightweight casing.  We should also see a Fenix 6 solar, not to be confused with the Fenix 6x Solar. The likely launch of the Solar model for the Fenix 6 line is likely to be early 2020.

Fenix 7, you wish

Sorry, no news on the Fenix 7, but based on current release cycles it could be Jan 2021. However, if Garmin do continue with its release cycle, it could be this time next year.

Edge 1030 Plus 130 Plus

Not long after the Edge 1030 release, attention shortly turned to the Edge 1040. But it does not look like that device will appear just yet. Instead, we should see a Garmin Edge 1030 PLUS model and 130 Plus. These Plus models are likely to see some new hardware and some new software features.

Finally, for the Edge range, a Garmin Enduro model is also planned which could be a 530 MTB device.

Other Garmin goodies for 2020

Other devices expected in 2020 is the Garmin Index Scale 2 and the Garmin Vector AIR. It looks like the Vector Air is just around the corner and this could be a 2019 release, maybe.

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While all these upgrades are good news for Garmin and its shareholders, they still need to look at what real value and innovation is being delivered. While little is known about the hardware and software features of these Garmin devices. The cynic in me would think the above is what we will get with some marketing spin.

Come on Garmin, surprises us and deliver something, plus also look after existing users with older devices.

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