Garmin Fenix 6x Pro images leaked

Following the supposed images of the Fenix 6 Pro last week, further leaked images reportedly of the new Garmin wearable have surfaced online.

Link to amazon listing that has since been taking down here

The images courtesy of GPS rumors show the front and back of the Fenix 6x Pro, which in all fairness look like the Fenix 5x Plus. No shock!

what’s new?

Based on the images and other information, we will see broad improvements in the following areas

  • We should see Solar charging and LTE on the Fenix 6 Pro.
  • New Garmin ELEVATE sensor, but not 100% sure about ECG support yet
  • Sony GNSS chip is already in the MARQ,
  • Improved user interface and software, lets hope

Release date

While it’s clear that the Fenix 6x Pro is real and it’s actually on someone’s wrist for testing. I still don’t think we see the Fenix 6 series until CES 2020

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