Garmin Fenix 6 release date, features, what we know so far?


The Garmin Fenix 5 Plus series is the latest of Garmin’s best-selling fitness GPS watches and rumours have already started to surface around the Garmin Fenix 6 release date, along with a list of features that people want to see on the unreleased Garmin wearable.

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ok, ok, you will be thinking its far to early to be speculating about the Fenix 6, when the Fenix 5 Plus series has only just been released, but if you read on I have captured all the latest rumoured Garmin Fenix 6 release details below that I know so far

Garmin Fenix 6 release date

Garmin Fenix 6 release rumour details

  • What is it? It’s the next Garmin Fenix 6 GPS fitness watch.
  • When is it out? based on recent information, the Fenix 6 will likely arrive at CES 2020 and this is due to the liekly launch of the Garmin WearOS watch at CES 2019
  • What will it cost? Garmin Fenix 6 update to be priced at around £429.99 ($450)

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Garmin Fenix 6 release date

There isn’t much information about the release date for the Garmin Fenix 6, But my early predications suggestion suggest the Fenix 6 will be released in 2019 now due to the recent release of the Fenix 5 Plus in June 2018, so early indications is that the Fenix 6 will be released in 2019, maybe at CES in January.

If we are looking at Garmin’s previous track record of Fenix releases, the Fenix 3 was announced at CES 2016 and then the Fenix 3 HR was then announced mid-year, then Garmin released the Fenix 5 series at CES 2017 with the latest Fenix 5 Plus in June 2018. This would suggest that Garmin may go for a CES 2019 for the Fenix 6.

Garmin Fenix 6 specs and features

Very little is known about the Garmin Fenix 6 release and specs as of yet, but I suspect it will feature music, Garmin Pay, mapping, better screen and maybe improvements to the battery life across the lower end models.

Garmin Fenix 6 YouTube Video predictions

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Garmin Fenix 6 release price

The Garmin Fenix 5 Plus started at a cost of $699 / £699.99 at launch so I suspect the Garmin Fenix 6 GPS watch to cost around the same amount, but nothing is confirmed yet.

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Improvements over Fenix 5 series on the Fenix 6

Below are my suggestions and what I suspect Garmin will include in the new Fenix 6 when its released in 2019.

Garmin Fenix 5 screen

Garmin Fenix 6 with ECG heart rate monitor

With a number of the latest fitness watches like the Apple Watch Series 4 and the Polar Vantage all coming with a ECG heart rate monitors, it will be only natural for Garmin to include an ECG heart rate monitor in the upgraded Fenix 6 when it arrives in 2019 to build on the PulseOX already featured in the Fenix 5x Plus

Whilst this tech is still new and yet to be 100% proven, early indications are saying its pretty accurate and will benefit those that want to gain better insight into fitness performance and improvements.

Garmin Music support

Whilst this is a given a number of fitness watches in the Garmin range include Garmin music support, the biggest shift will be supporting more music services.

Better screen on the Fenix 6

The Garmin Fenix 5 Plus has a decent screen as it is, but when it comes to fitness wearables it’s not one of the best when you look at screens like the one featured on the Apple Watch series 3. Whilst I cant see Garmin putting a screen like the one in the Apple Watch due to Battery issues, I suspect they will improve the screen for the Fenix 6 release.

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A better battery on the Fenix 6

Whilst the battery performance on the Garmin Fenix 5x is impressive and is up their with the top GPS watches, The other watches in the Fenix 5 Plus series such as the Fenix 5s Plus lack a battery life that is enough for an ultramarathon. So we could see a better battery life coming to the lower end models on the Fenix 6 Series

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  1. I would like to see music storage as you suggestion. But I am not sure the core Garmin crowd will really want this feature.

    I would also like to see better mapping and route planning features on the device and maybe the rider to rider messenging, but for hikers ect

    • The music storage is an interesting point as I would not use it and not sure how many would that I talk to.

      The hiker to hiker messaging would be pretty cool

  2. There would be riots on the Garmin forums if they came out with a new Fenix model after just 1 year. My guess would be that if there’s something new coming out in early 2018 it would be updates to the Forerunner line. Aside from the 935 the newest Forerunner is the 735 which will be 2 years old by spring and the 230/235/630 were all announced fall of 2015.

    • Hey, I partly agree with you that Garmin may not release a new Fenix, but history does point towards it happening. Look at the Fenix 3 and Fenix 3 HR. That being said I think it might just be an upgraded Fenix 5. The Garmin Forerunner 645 is rumoured to be coming also, so lets see

      • Of course as soon as I posted that comment I saw the link to your story about the FR645.

        You’re deeper into the industry than I am and Garmin hasn’t really been consistent with their upgrade cycles so it’s probably not as far fetched as I would hope.

        • Garmin doesn’t seem to be consistent with upgrades and I feel that some of the product lines overlap. THis is obvious in the wearable category

    • I totally agree with you that Garmin would have a riot if they brought out a Fenix 6 in such a short space of time. But they do need to bring improvements to the Fenix 5 series. Just look at Suunto and the rate of products coming out

      • Yes I think Garmin would have some unhappy customers but things move on and products need updating. I understand the point about Suunto, but I think they are going to far in terms of new products coming up every few months and you only need to look at the Spartan line to see that

      • garmin release a new version of its watch every year. I guess they didn’t set garmin 4 because it’s the bad luck number in asia (and most consumers must be from there). That being said i think they will keep with the same strategy as allways: a new fenix 6 (which maybe has similar design, but it will be a different generation).

    • My view on music support it will only really take off once the manufactures offer streaming and steaming will only work on this way once the streaming providers open up. It’s a catch 22 as most of the streaming providers are tied into exclusive deals. I am predicating 2-3 years before this is cracked

  3. I think the Fenix 5 series is overpriced for what it is, you can get better value with suunto or Polar. So a reduced price would be good

  4. I believe if the product is good enough then I as well as many others will pay the price even more than the current asking price. There are plenty of watches on the market worth 10x the price of this watch, and they only tell the time and date.

    I would like the Fenix 5 x mapping features to be combined with the Quatrix 5 Garmin marine watch. If they could add marine nautical charts as well as the land topo hiking maps featured on the Fenix 5 then that in my opinion would be a great watch.

    Adding wireless music capability would also be great feature to have as suggested – thumbs up

  5. Garmin really needs to add a microphone so the user can reply to smart notifications. It’s great that I don’t have to take my phone out to read a notification but I still have to take the phone out to reply to the message. That is stupid. Be a real smartwatch.

  6. Build an app for 5 and future which links to surfline or other surf/swell sites like Nixon does. I don’t have mountains or huge trails, but I have coast and surf.

    • People have asked for this feature before. I have also spoken to a number of developers that have looked to build this kind of app

    • Also info about speed in knots for kiters, supers and windsurfers. Max knots x session, max speed knots x lap , max 2 seconds , max 10 secons, max 500 meters….just check some of the aplications made for users in suunto app please.

  7. Hi – I really want the Chronos. Love the design, and don’t really mind the price. It’s already nearly 2 years old – do you think they’ll release an update, based on the Fenix 5 anytime soon? Thx

    • Watch this space. It’s CES this week and Garmin normally announce. Full coverage on new products will be featured on this site

  8. I can see how average person, average athlete what to make fenix xx a smart phone even though there are tons smart phones and smart watches on the market. I would hope fenix will remain a serious sport watch with very good battery life, GPS/ altimeter accuracy, statistics on running, swimming, and cycling and no music support what so ever.

  9. It will need to include cellular LTE connectivity to compete with Apples series 4. In this age there is no need for a watch that contains live tracking but requires you to carry a phone to use it.

  10. Hi, I’m Gustavo Colón, huge fan of Garmin, but now I’m thinking in the new Polar Vantage V. Do you think Garmin will have some strategy to respond to this great watch?

  11. I really like the 5X Plus. Screen size and quality is fine, but turn-by-turn directions for driving would be nice. Really what sold me on this watch was the battery life while having actual mapping. Increase the battery life and make the maps more detailed and you’d have an even more perfect watch.

  12. They Have completely missed the Nordic/XC ski crowd. Never cared how much asc/desc I had in a day of skiing but I would love not know the cadence of my pole plants, wattage/force metric of my strides, cadence of my strides, glide distance travelled…the list goes on.

  13. So, let’s see what would make sense now from my point of view.

    1. Larger/crisper screen. It’d be good and it’s definitely doable. Suunto 9 has a better screen. Especially for the navigation purposes a larger screen with potentially more (4?) data fields available would be a great selling point.
    2. Faster processor/more memory. There are some Connect IQ apps that already use all available memory in the 5 Plus watches and are incompatible with 5 series for the lack of memory. Also native apps, navigation features – they all would benefit faster processing. So this is probably a non-brainer – they will add more memory and more processing power into the new model(s).
    3. Native running power support. Suunto support it, Polar now do as well. Garmin have an app for that but it’s not anywhere close to what a native support would enable (zones, intervals, in-watch statistics etc). It’s not different at all from cycling power and an industry standard now exists so it’d be strange if Garmin don’t introduce this into the new Fenix (and, quite possible, into the 5 series as a part of a new firmware).
    4. Battery. Although 5 series are great already, they will probably gradually increase the battery last time using new energy management mechanisms.

    Just a few months ago I would have definitely added a better GPS reception as THE first feature request but after FW11 it got just as good as I would expect it to be. If it gets even better – fine, but right now it’s good enough for my purposes.

    I’d be surprised, though, if we see this new model unveiled at the CES later this month. 5 Plus are currently an excellent offering and the new 2019 model would shorten their lifecycle too much from my point of view. They had to release something to address some urgent shortcomings (like ANT+ signal reception, for example) but now they have some breathing space so they can afford working on a new flagship model a bit longer and get it right for 2020.

    • I agree with you that we won’t see a fenix 6 at CES this year. However I think we will see a vivoactive 4 or another named variation

  14. More CIQ data fields than 2, at least 4, the possibility to echo them within an app on another screen, and more datafields alltogether on one screen, 7 max being the minimum, with two small fields extra preferably


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