Garmin Fenix 5/ 5x and 5s GPS accuracy

Garmin Fenix 5 , 5x and 5S GPS accuracy – whats the issue with it

Many people have been commenting on my YouTube videos and other channels crying about the GPS accuracy of the Garmin Fenix series and I wanted to share my experience and thoughts on this subject. I have also put together this video on my YouTube channel, so please check that out!

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Garmin Fenix 5 GPS accuracy issues?

As I have said a number of people are talking about the GPS accuracy of the Fenix 5 series and based on my use and tests the Garmin Fenix 5 series is pretty accurate when you are talking about GPS. I am unsure what people are measuring a device that is 51mm in size with a consumer grade GPS chip with? Sure you can get better GPS accuracy with another device, but we are talking military grade or aviation grade GPS tracking chips and you are not going to get this in a device that is around £500.

The bottom line on the Garmin Fenix 5 series it tracks well and will work for many that want a good GPS track and to know where they are in the world when outdoors. But if you are are the type of person that need to know which lamp post you managed to run around or which bin you avoided then you are going to be disappointed. If you require better GPS tracking then I suggest you strap one of these to your wrist and let me know how you get on!

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    • Please tell me why? I use this device daily for cycling and other activities and dont have any issues. Turn on GLAONASS and GPS at the same time and you wont have any issue

  1. This is the 2nd Fenix 5x. I complain about the accuracy issue with Garmin. They were kind enough to replace the first Fenix 5x. Just a fyi, 735xt didnt have these type of issues. I had both GPS & Glonass turned on, I ran 6.5 miles, it gave me about 8.5 miles. It calculated one mile at 1.5 min/mile pace. The map shows I ran into the ocean… into buildings and even squibbly routes… Very weird and disappointed. When it uploaded to Strava, their team mentioned there’s tons of error in the uploaded data. This happened many times but seems to happen certain part of the city and time of the day.

  2. Why is my cell phone GPS more accurate? As well as my older Garmin 310XT?

    What are you comparing it too when you say it “tracks well” and is “pretty accurate”? I checked my 310XT against my bike computer (mag pickup) on a 4 mile stretch of straight road and they agreed within 0.25%. I take all on a ~15.5 singletrack ride (per bike computer) and my phone is within 1/4-1/2 mile of the bike computer, the 310XT consistently reads short by 1 mile or so. I got the Fenix 5X assuming a $600 watch would be better than the $200 310XT, but it’s actually worse. It consistently records about 2 miles short on the same ride. I understand the GPS isn’t going to follow every wiggle and pump-bump in a singletrack trail, but the fact that an almost 10 yo GPS watch and a cell phone can put it to shame in accuracy is a disgrace.

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