Garmin Edge 1030 – specs revealed

Garmin Edge 1030 unboxing pictures

As we approach the Garmin Edge 1030 release date more and more leaks are appearing and this time in the form of this Garmin Edge 1030 unboxing shots revealing the all important specs of the new cycling GPS computer from Garmin

It’s not a surprise these leaks are coming out and points towards the release date I predicated last week of being between the 31st and 2nd of September, things are getting exciting in the world of cycling.

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Garmin Edge 1030 specs

Looking at the back of the box on the Garmin Edge 1030 the specs of the device are

  • 20 hours battery – lets see if this actually is reality
  • 123g weight – This is heavier than the Edge 1000 which is 114g
  • 3.5 inch Touchscreen
  • TRENDLINE POPULARITY ROUTING Uses billions of miles of Garmin Connect ride data to show you the best on- and off-road routes traveled by cyclists.
  • DISPLAY The new 3.5” screen is bigger and sharper than in previous Edge cycling computers.
  • RIDER-TO-RIDER MESSAGING1 Rider-to-rider messaging lets you send prewritten notes from your Edge 1030 to other riders’ Edge devices. Let your friends know if you’ll catch up in a few minutes or if they should go on without you.
  • NEW SMART CONNECTIVITY1 Respond to missed phone calls or texts with prewritten messages4 such as “be home soon.” Give your friends and family — even your fellow riders — peace of mind by letting them follow your rides in real time with LiveTrack and GroupTrack2.
  • GARMIN CYCLE MAPS AND ALERTS Edge 1030 is preloaded with maps and includes turn-by-turn navigation and new navigation alerts that notify you of upcoming sharp turns.
  • LONGER BATTERY LIFE Your Edge battery should outlast your ride, not the other way around. With Edge 1030, get up to 20 hours of power, and if that’s not enough, add up to 24 more with the optional extended battery pack.
  • STRAVA LIVE SEGMENTS Race virtually against your Strava friends with second-by-second comparisons, and see how your effort compares to your PR. The new segment explore alerts you to a nearby iconic segment.
  • NEW PRELOADED STRAVA ROUTES CIQ APP The starred routes automatically sync to your Edge so you can navigate and compete on your favorite segments at the same time.
  • NEW PRELOADED TRAINING PEAKS CIQ APP With TrainingPeaks, bringing your coach with you for every ride is as easy as turning on your Edge 1030. The preloaded TrainingPeaks Connect IQ™ app puts your daily workout right on the Edge device.
  • VARIA COMPATIBILITY Edge 1030 is compatible with Varia™ rearview radar, Varia Vision and smart bike lights to help create a safer riding environment.
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This is what it looks like!

Garmin Edge 1030 back of box

Garmin Edge 1030 unboxing video

This video leaked by YouTube user prestachuck gives a good overview of the box contents and design

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Garmin Edge 1030 new charging port

Interesting is the inclusion of the charging mechanism on the back which is rumoured to work with a accessory battery charger you can use whilst on the bike. This I assume will be used for long distance cycling such as touring and I suspect a touring addition will not be getting released.


Garmin edge 1030 battery charging

The biggest question now points towards if the Garmin Edge 1030 will live up to all the hype and with some of these specs I am hoping it does really well and also still no word on the Garmin Vector 3 pedals. Subscribe to ActiveJR to be the first to see the full review coming once the device is launched.

Source: @prestachuk

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