Garmin Connect mobile gets workout and route planning

Garmin update the Garmin Mobile app with route & workout creator

The Garmin connect mobile app has been updated to allow you to create courses and workouts that can be downloaded to a compatible cycling GPS computer or a fitness wearable from Garmin via Bluetooth. These two features have been long requested by Garmin connect users and me for one welcome these new features.

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Garmin Connect mobile workout creator

Creating courses in Garmin connect has been limited to creating them in the web app until now. The updated to Garmin Connect mobile now allows you to create routes based on a number parameters and it works in the exact same way as round trip route planning found on a number of Edge, Fenix and forerunner devices.

Garmin connect mobile route creator, is it based on TRENDLINE

Garmin has recently launched the Edge 1030 with TRENDLINE route planning that is based on millions of users uploaded to Garmin connect. Garmin promises that this will allow for more intelligent route planning. Based on my tests creating a route on the Edge 1030 and Garmin connect mobile route creator with the same parameters gives me the same route, so the big question is does the Garmin Connect mobile route planning feature use TRENDLINE? I think it does, but I am still yet to receive a response from Garmin about this.

Garmin Connect Mobile course

Garmin Connect mobile app workout planner is here…finally

Another great new feature that Garmin have brought the Garmin connect mobile app is the ability to create workouts and edit existing workouts previously created in the workout planning online. This is a feature that has been requested for some time by users and now the wish has been granted.

To get the upgrade you need to upgrade the app in the relevant app stores and start using it. Let me know in the comments below how you get on

Garmin Connect Mobile workout creator

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