Garmin advanced sleep tracking – what is it?

Garmin advance sleep monitoring is coming soon

Garmin wearables have sleep tracking built into most of the range, but others like Fitbit, for instance, offer more insight into sleep tracking which they call Sleep insights and now Garmin is working away quietly on something that is called Garmin advanced sleep tracking.

Currently, a Garmin fitness tracker or GPS fitness watch can give you sleep tracking like when you fall to sleep and when you wake up giving you an overall time sleeping calculation. You can also see periods of when you woke in the night along with deep and light sleep, but right now its all fairly limited in what else you can see.

Advanced Sleep tracking coming to Garmin

So to build on the sleep tracking feature, Garmin is working on something to step it up and this has been reported by various other sites (Toms Guide and arstechnica) which state that Garmin advanced sleep tracking is coming soon to the  Vivoactive 3 musicForerunner 645, Forerunner 935, Fenix 5Vivosport, Vivosmart 3, Vivomove HR and I suspect the Fenix 5 Plus series (that is not officially announced yet). DCRainmaker also has an in-depth article that really goes into detail

What is advanced sleep tracking and how does it workGarmin Advance sleep tracking features

So according to sources, the new Garmin advanced sleep tracking will use the built-in optical HR sensor to track heart-rate variability to better estimate time in light, deep, and REM sleep. Currently, sleep graphs and charts in Garmin Connect already account for sleep stages and awake time, but the new feature should make this information more accurate than it was before.

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Some of the “in the know” readers or people with Fitbit’s will be yelling, yes my Fitbit already does this, but I am all for challenging others and seeing the differences in technology. So let’s see what Garmin bring with the newly advanced sleep tracking when its launched.


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