Fitbit Alta HR review

Fitbit has been straddling the fitness-wellbeing divide for quite some time, but the Fitbit Alta HR, its latest tracker, falls slap-bang in the middle. It’s a fitness tracker for those who want to keep half an eye on their fashion choices, half on their activity, and still be poised for more high-intensity workouts.

The addition of the new heart rate monitor means the HR is better equipped for workouts than the first Fitbit Alta, but it’s still pitched at people with modest fitness goals, along with those who may just want to see their heart rate in context of day-to-day activities – leaving the Charge 2 the choice for the athletes.

Fitbit Alta HR pricing

At £129, the Alta HR is the same price as the latest Charge, but it’s also something you’d more comfortably wear with a smart dinner outfit, or even a watch. So, how does the Alta HR fare, and who is it actually for? Read on and find out.

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