Fitbit launched the Ionic Smartwatch back in 2017 and to be fair to say it didn’t have a great start with reports of Ionic stock still sitting on the shelves. This, however, has not stopped Fitbit with comments on its latest investors call, Fitbit teased a brand new smartwatch, which it claimed would have “mass appeal”

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Since Fitbit mentioned on the earnings call,  images have been leaked via wearable apparently to show the Fitbit smartwatch 2018 design. The design looks rather like a Fitbit Blaze and based on what I can see, this could be the Fitbit Blaze 2 rather than the Ionic 2018 version.

To quickly get started, here is the low down on the Fitbit smartwatch for 2018 with a more appealing design and some improvements to the feature set

Fitbit Smartwatch 2018 design

The Fitbit 2018 smartwatch looks like it lends design elements from the Blaze and the Apple Watch with more of an appealing design comparing it the ugly blocky design of the Fitbit Ionic. According to the source that spoke to Wearable, the Fitbit smartwatch for 2018 It also comes in four colours: black, silver, rose gold, and a charcoal, with a range of straps as pictured below.

Fitbit blaze 2018

Looking at the new choice of colours and design for the Fitbit Smartwatch 2018, it does look more appealing and I am personally pleased Fitbit are offering more colour choice and the ability to have different options for the bands.

New features for Fitbit smartwatch in 2018

Fitbit blaze 2 2018

The watch will also have the same SpO2 sensor that debuted on the Ionic, sources speaking to Wearable said, “meaning the new watch will be able to monitor for sleep apnea when Fitbit enables this feature across its devices.

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One of the missing features and I am hoping it is not true is that the new Fitbit smartwatch will not have a GPS sensor. Given the Ionic does have GPS, I am hoping the source providing this information is wrong as more smartwatch in 2018 will include a GPS chip

Fitbit smartwatch 2018

Whilst there is no solid word on pricing, the source that spoke to Wearable suggests that the new Smartwatch from Fitbit will be much lower in price and this to try and get better user adoption by getting more Fitbit smartwatches on peoples wrists.

Well that’s it on what is known about the new Fitbit Smartwatch 2018, but continue to check back as Active JR will bring you more or leave a comment below

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