Fitbit to take on Apple by adding glucose monitoring to future wearables


Fitbit just invested over $6 million in a company called Sano that’s working on a coin-sized patch that monitors blood sugar, CNBC reports. The wearables-maker has already included a level of glucose monitoring the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch, but I don’t believe its the same tech and may step it up a level for Fitbit and glucose monitoring. ” Fitbit CEO James Park told CNBC. “I think the complete solution comes in the form of having some monitoring solution that is coupled with a display, and a wearable that can give you the interventions at the right moment.”

Apple vs Fitbit in the health sector

Whilst Fitbit are showing interest in glucose monitoring, reports came out last year that Apple is also looking at the same thing. However both Apple and Fitbit are going in a different direction for obtaining glucose readings with Sano’s tech using tiny needles to takes its measurements, whilst Apple has been developing a design that uses a non-intrusive technique with current efforts being reported as not great.

Whilst Park was very optimistic about the new glucose tech, he stopped short of saying future Fitbit devices will have built-in blood sugar monitors, but this investment shows the company is at least interested in that direction.



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