Fitbit Ionic smartwatch announced available for pre order

Fitbit Ionic smartwatch announced with pricing

After much speculation the Fitbit Smartwatch which is named ‘Ionic’ and this would seem nicely timed before the announcement of the new smartwatch the Apple Watch 3 which is rumored to be getting announced on the 12th September 2017

The Fitbit Ionic smartwatch will be a  health and fitness first platform, Ionic offers a highly personalized experience not previously seen in other smartwatches. Ionic builds on Fitbit’s health and fitness expertise with a new relative SpO2 sensor, making it possible to track deeper health insights like sleep apnea in the future, industry-leading GPS tracking, on-device dynamic workouts, improved heart rate tracking, and water resistance up to 50 meters. Plus, smart features like contactless payments, on-board music, smart notifications, and a variety of popular apps and clock faces available in the Fitbit App Gallery.

Preorder the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch today

Ionic also features 4+ day battery life, automatic activity and sleep tracking, and cross-platform compatibility.

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Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch fitness

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch features

Fitbit Ionic personal trainer 

The Fitbit Ionic will feature will have a Personal trainer  built in from with Fitbit Coach: Access dynamic, on-device workouts that adapt based on feedback you provide on your wrist, or listen to expert-designed running and walking Audio Coaching sessions (available 2018) to increase endurance, speed and form on your schedule. I suspect this is based on the Fitstar technology that fitbit already include with the Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit Ionic is running ready

The Fitbit Ionic will also included Automatic tracking of your run with the new Run Detect feature that kicks in GPS tracking when you set off and then see real-time pace and distance; auto-pause to grab some water or take a breather and automatically resume when you start running. How this will work in practice I am eager to see how accurate it is.

Fitbit becomes waterproof!

The new wearable comes with water resistance up to 50 meters and industry-leading lap counting, use Fitbit Ionic in the pool and see your real-time laps, exercise duration and calories burned for pool swims. I cant wait to try out this feature in the pool and it certainly give people another option for swim tracking.

Fitbit Ionic comes with GPS, no more connected GPS 

The unique design and integrated antenna inside Ionic provide a stronger connection to GPS and GLONASS satellites, delivering industry-leading GPS performance. Leave your phone behind and see pace and distance right on your wrist, as well as record elevation climbed, split times, and a map of your walk, run or ride in the Fitbit app.

Fitbit are claiming the Ionic will feature an improved heart rate technology: Ionic has enhanced PurePulse heart rate tracking with greater accuracy during exercises like cycling, intervals and running; better measure calorie burn, see real-time heart rate zones to optimize intensity, and track resting heart rate 24/7.

Another feature that has interested me is the the introduction of a relative SpO2 sensor for estimating blood oxygen levels opens the potential for tracking important new indicators about your health, such as sleep apnea. I also suspect Apple will bring this feature to the Apple Watch 3 in September.

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Fitbit Ionic to include music app

The Ionic will give you the ability to leave your phone at home by allowing you to store or play more than 300 songs on device (2.5 GB of storage), or downloading and listening to your favorite Pandora stations. You will also be able to connect Ionic to the new Fitbit Flyer wireless headphones that will be launching at the same, or any Bluetooth device of your choosing.

Fitbit are entering the mobile payments market

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Leave your wallet and phone at home and effortlessly pay for items right from your device, wherever contactless payments are accepted. Fitbit are claiming from launch through the first few months you  will be able to add eligible American Express cards, as well as Mastercard and Visa credit and debit cards from top issuing banks in over 10 markets across the globe, including ANZ, Banco Santander, Bank of America, Capital One, HSBC, KBC Bank Ireland, OCBC Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, UOB and US Bank with more countries and banks planned later in 2018.

Fitbit Ionic to include smart notifications…. Of course

Whilst this is no surprise the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch including smart notifications, however Fitbit claim it will come with extended smartphone notifications, receive call, text and calendar alerts, as well as notifications from apps on your smartphone like Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, Slack, Snapchat and more. The ability to reply to these does not seem to be available, but I have always found reply features useless anyway

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Fitbit Ionic comes with great battery life

Fitbit claims the Ionic Smartwatch will come with Multi-day battery life on a single charge (10 hours with GPS or playing music), Ionic will outlast any activity you do during the day and still track your sleep all night. Let’s see how well this stacks up when the Smartwatch launches

In addition to these new features, Ionic lets you automatically track your steps, calories, floors climbed and sleep stages, see your cardio fitness level (estimated VO2 Max), maintain moments of calm and more.

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Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch launched

Fitbit OS runs the Ionic

The Fitbit Ionic runs on Fitbit OS, which I suspect is a offshoot of the Pebble OS. Little details are available at this time for the OS and I suppose we need to wait and see how stable it is and what it is like from a user expierence point of view, but based on previous user expierences with the previous Fitbit series I am sure we wont be disappointed.

Fitbit’s new operating system for smartwatches that will be regularly updated to add new user experiences. This includes the launch of the Fitbit App Gallery, where you can select the apps and clock faces that appeal to you. The App Gallery offers a range of health and fitness apps from Fitbit like Exercise, Fitbit Coach, Relax, Timer and more, as well as popular apps that are designed to make life easier and more convenient when you’re on the go.

Fitbit are also promising developer support so if you are interested in building for the Fitbit App Gallery, you will be able to use the SDK, including the Web-based developer environment Fitbit Studio, starting in September 2017.

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch sports

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Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch pricing and availability

Fitbit Ionic is available for presale today on and select online retailers tomorrow for $299.95. Ionic will be available in stores worldwide beginning October 2017, including major North American retailers Amazon, Best Buy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Kohl’s, Macy’s, REI, Target and Verizon. It is available in three styles – silver gray tracker and clasp with blue gray band, smoke gray tracker and clasp with charcoal band, or burnt orange tracker and clasp with slate blue band.

● Classic accessories in blue gray with silver gray buckle, charcoal with smoke gray buckle, and slate blue with burnt orange buckle – $29.95

● Two-toned breathable Sport Band accessories in blue gray and coral, black and charcoal, or cobalt and lime – $29.95

● Hand-crafted and perforated Horween leather accessories in cognac and midnight blue – $59.95


Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch models

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