Fitbit has 25 million action users in 2017

With CES happening and others like Garmin announcing the forerunner 645 and Suunto with the Fitness 3, Fitbit has announced they have 25 million active users rather than any new products. I am personally surprised that Fitbit didn’t announce the rumoured charge 3 or at least demonstrate some future smartwatch tech.

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The company said its growth “demonstrates both the health of the wearables category and retention of Fitbit users”. There have been questions asked over the future for the wearable market and with speculation that Fitbit is in trouble with poor sales of the Ionic and declining share price.

The Charge 2 band, Fitbit said, is the top-selling fitness tracker in the US, with Amazon stating it was one of its top sellers in the health and fitness category over the Christmas holiday sales period.

Fitbit charge 2

Fitbit said more than 20 million people are using the Feed feature within the Fitbit app and users have joined groups more than 4.7 million times, covering topics such as running, swimming, diabetes or heart health.

“We see continued demand for trackers, powered by the enterprise and healthcare sectors, and we strategically entered the smartwatch category with Fitbit Ionic at a time when consumers are moving to smarter, fuller featured devices,” said James Park, Fitbit co-founder and CEO

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