Fitbit female health tracking is live

Fitbit female health tracking is live

Fitbit is making good on its promises a  couple of months back in the form of its female health tracking features to help track menstrual cycles and other related data

All Fitbit-owning women will be able to access these new features from the iPhone and Windows Fitbit smartphone apps from this week. If you own an Ionic or Versa, then you will be able to get access to these new health features.

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That new data includes menstrual tracking, You’ll now be able to log your cycle and record symptoms such as headaches and cramps. Fitbit’s analyses this data to predict where you are in your menstrual cycle and when the next one is coming, but most women seem to be on top of this anyway.


There’ll also be useful guidance for ovulation, fertility and In the future, Fitbit hopes to use all this menstrual data to offer insights about how sleep and exercise impact your period and vice versa. For instance, it could recommend more sleep in the coming week because a bad period is on the way, or suggest easier ways to exercise if you’re feeling too tired.

New Fitbit health apps

Fitbit is introducing a host of new apps and watch faces for its two smartwatches that are aimed at helping users manage conditions such as diabetes and cancer. This is great news for anyone to manage or keep track of new or existing conditions and hopefully, the likes of Apple and Garmin will follow soon.

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Dexcom is among the companies offering a Fitbit smartwatch app to improve diabetes management relaying blood glucose data from Dexcom’s devices to the watches to sit alongside activity data. The One Drop app, which is available now, will allow users to be able to sync Fitbit intraday data to their One Drop accounts to see their glucose data on their smartwatch. A Diplomat Pharmacy app is on the way and will help users to manage treatments with medication and prescription reminders.

Additional apps from Fitabase, Go365 by Humana, Limeade (available this week), Sickweather and Walgreens (available now) have also been announced. Fitbit says that all of the apps will be live and available to download for Ionic and Versa user by summer 2018.

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