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Fitbit announce new smartwatch coming soon

The Fitbit Ionic has only been available just over a month, but Fitbit has indicated at plans for multiple fitbit smartwatch that be launched to complement the Ionic smartwatch according to CEO James Park has confirmed In an investor call in which Fitbit announced its Q3 earnings.

Park was asked whether the company will iterate on the Ionic in the future, or have multiple devices. “We are going to have a fuller product lineup of Fitbit smartwatches, ones that co-exist side by side, not just ones that we’re upgrading,”

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Fitbit Ionic apps store

Fitbit Ionic App Store coming soon

Some may be already saying that the Fitbit Ionic needs to prove itself as a smartwatch and I would tend to agree with this statement it does not even have an app store or developed apps it was promising, so by definition its not really a smartwatch yet. But on the Fitbit earnings call Park confirmed that Fitbit has over 1,400 developers now signed up for the device, with plans for a launch of the Fitbit app gallery – its version of the App Store/Google Play – which will be coming soon and coming soon before the US holiday season. Fitbit is suggesting that new and second party apps will come from select partners before opening up the floodgates for third parties.

Personally, I am looking forward to see what Fitbit do in the apps space and adding apps will help with the Ionic’s appeal and will certainly help bring the fight to Apple.

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Fitbit Ionic Europe music Partner

Another emission, well apart from Fitbit Pay in Europe is the music streaming service. In the US the Ionic launched with Pandora support and the Fitbit Ionic users in Europe and the rest of the world is still waiting on plans for who it will be for music.


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Fitbit Ionic Music partnet in europeLet me know in the comments below is it to early for Fitbit to be looking at new smartwatches or do you think its a good idea



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