Abode Iota Home Security System Gets Apple HomeKit Support

Adobe have updated the iota Home Security System with Apple HomeKit support. Starting today, abode-branded door/window sensors, occupancy sensor and motion sensors purchased after December 2018 will work with HomeKit. Abode says additional devices and sensors are being worked on...

Netatmo smart video doorbell will support HomeKit Secure video at launch

Following Apple's announcement regarding HomeKit Secure Video coming later this year. Netatmo has officially confirmed that its upcoming Smart Video Doorbell will be compatible with HomeKit Secure Video at launch along with its existing video lineup. In a response on...

How to enable a Siri voice command in Siri shortcuts

Siri Shortcuts voice commands Sir shortcuts are a new feature in iOS 12 and bring quick actions across your apps on iOS, which will perform a task within the app automatically in the background or jump deep into the app...

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