Eve Systems sets the released date for Eve Room Gen 2

Eve Systems has unveiled its second-generation Eve Room indoor climate and air quality monitor with Apple HomeKit support that was first announced at CES 2018 and is now coming to retail channels this September.

Eve Room comes with a  new design, including a high-contrast E-Ink display and anodized aluminium body and improved sensors to give you room environment readings forTemperature, humidity, or air quality.Eve Room Gen 2 release

The room monitor also keeps track of VOCs – volatile organic compounds. When contained indoors, VOC emissions can quickly become harmful and whilst the simple solution is as to open a window, with Eve Room, it will alert when you to open the window or it can turn on an Air purifier connected to HomeKit.

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The improved Eve Room will work wireless via Bluetooth like the previous version and will also have a built-in rechargeable battery which lasts six weeks of power and when low on power you can use a micro-USB to charge it.Eve Room screen

Eve Room Gen 2 Key features

● Indoor air quality, temperature and humidity sensors
● Customizable high-contrast E-Ink display with anodized aluminium body
● Precise measurements and historical data can be viewed via the Eve app
● Micro-USB-rechargeable battery lasts 6 weeks or longer
● Support for Siri and remote access via HomePod and Apple TV
● Support for sensor-based automation of other HomeKit-enabled accessories
● Fast and easy configuration thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy technology, no bridge required

Eve Room HomeKit Support

One of the biggest benefits of the Eve System products is the tight HomeKit support and it is no different with the Eve Room Generation 2 product. You will be able to create scenes or home automation to trigger things like humidifiers, Air purifiers or even open HomeKit enabled windows when the Eve Room detects air quality problems.

Eve Room Gen 2 release and price

Eve Room ships September 12th and is available to order now for $99.95 or £99 from selected partners.

Eve Room - Indoor Air Quality Monitor for...
153 Reviews
Eve Room - Indoor Air Quality Monitor for...
  • Detect harmful VOC levels attributed to everyday items such as furniture, electronics, toys, and thousands more and observe how activities like cooking and cleaning pollute your home
  • Know when to ventilate your child's room, sleeping spaces, living room, or kitchen

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