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dhb Neoprene Nylon Overshoe review

dhb Neoprene Nylon Overshoe review
dhb overshoe Summary
At £20.00 dhb’s neoprene nylon overshoe sits in the middle of their range, between their lighter weight windproof overshoe at £10.00 and their extreme weather neoprene overshoe at £30.00. I’ve been impressed with other pieces of kit from dhb, especially given their price, so I felt that these overshoes also warranted some attention.
Great value
Good weather resistance
Easy to put on
Extreme cold not great
Recommended product
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My first impressions was all positive about the dhb overshoe and the quick service from Wiggle really helped with that impression. They came packaged in a clear plastic bag, not premium packaging but you only throw it away anyway

dhb overshoe being worn by a bike rider
dhb overshoe made with Neoprene from wiggle

Construction and design

  • 3mm neoprene Waterproof, Windproof, Insulating
  • Kevlar reinforced toes/heel/base
  • Reflective rear detail
  • Durable size5 YKK rear zipper
  • dhb side logo detail

dhb overshoe being worn by a cyclist
dhb overshoe made with Neoprene from wiggle

Sizing and installation

I am a size 46 in road shoe and I went with a x large and the fit was great. The overshoe is easy to put on and fits snug leaving very little gap for stray water to get in. When you zip them up at the back the zip has a nice little buckle t hook over that helps to keep the zipper in place. Once you finish the ride and have to take these off the overshoes are easy to remove, I have not tried them after a long ride with cold hands, but I can’t see them being to much of a problem.

Overshoe Performance

I have used these in both windy cold conditions and a heavy downpour that lasted for 45 mins. The windy cold conditions kept my feet nice and toasty. Normally I feel the wind come through as my shoes have vents in the front, but for obvious reasons I didn’t have this. In the wet I was worried at first, but they held up and whilst other parts of me got very wet my feet was kept away from the elements. When I removed them however my feet was slightly damp, but this was down to the sweat.

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dhb overshoe with tags
dhb overshoe made with Neoprene from wiggle


These are good value shoes, if you are brand person then they may not be for you. But I really like them and will be using them through the coming 2016 winter.  Buy them from Wiggle


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