CES 2019 Tech & Smart home predictions – Philips, Google, Alexa, Apple

CES 2019 is only days away and here is our take on what may be coming based on all the leaked and rumours from smart home and tech companies like Philips, Google, Neato, August and Apple others in 2019.

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CES is a huge event and 2019 is promising to be bigger and better, but what is certain is that the Google and Amazon will feature in lots of smart home and tech products with Google Assitant and Alexa voice assistant at the centre of these new innovations.

Whilst Apple does not have a presence at CES, we will see other companies launch HomeKit enabled products, but I can’t help to think that Apple misses a trick by not attending CES.

When is CES 2019

The 2019 International CES will begin on Tuesday, 8 January and end on Friday, 11 January in Les Vegas. This is an opportunity for media and bloggers get to see and experience hands on the new tech for 2019.

Google at CES 2019

Google was a big presence at CES last year after being silent for a number of years letting the likes of Samsung take centre stage and this year will be no exception.Google at CES 2019

Whilst I don’t think we will see any hardware from Google this year, I suspect we will see a number of Google assistant powered smart speakers along with smart appliances and lighting products.

Amazon Alexa at CES 2019

Amazon Alexa is the leader in home assistants with it being the centre of many smart homes and I suspect 2019 will continue that way.

Like Google, I don’t think Amazon will launch any smart home hardware, however, I suspect we will see a number of new Alexa powered devices like the Asus Lyra Voice which is a combination of a wireless router and smart speaker. Alexa CES 2019

If money is no object then Kohler’s smart bathroom collection. The line includes an intelligent toilet, a free-standing bath, a lighted mirror and a lighted three-piece vanity.

They have accent lights you can control through Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands.

Bose at CES 2019

Chipset manufacturer Qualcomm recently announced its new hardware/software package and this may mean Bose will launch a pair of QC35’s that support Amazons Alexa as they did with Google assistant in 2018.Bose CES 2019

We could, therefore, see the smart focus split from wireless speakers to headphones as this is an area that has not seen much traction.

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Philips Hue at CES 2019Philips Hue CES 2019

Philips normally attendees CES to show off its Hue lighting range and this year is no exception. At CES 2018, Philips announced the outdoor range which shipped in the summer of 2018.

Recent leaks suggest Philips will be adding to the outdoor lighting range with the Hue Fuzo and Hue Econic, along with the Motion sensor for outdoor use.Philips Hue Econic

The Hue Fuzo is a traditional wall light and the Hue Econic is a pathway light. The prices for the new outdoor £79, but you can get a Philips Hue bulb and a wall-mounted enclosure for a lot less and achieve the same thing.

August at CES 2019

After the recent leak of the August view Doorbell, it is a big possibility that we will see this smart doorbell launched at CES 2019 from August.August CES 2019

The View Doorbell will give smart home users options other than Ring Doorbell which has pretty much had the segment to itself.

Apple at CES

Apple doesn’t attendee CES officially as a company, however, lots of techs and smart home that is launched support its smart home framework, HomeKit.

Whilst Google Home and Amazon Alexa appear to be the leaders in the virtual assistant and home automation space, HomeKit offers a superior offering for Apple and iOS users. Apple HomeKit CES 2019

We could see some new products from Eve systems, they is due a refresh of the Eve smart Plug that has been out for some time now or we could see a new category from them.


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