Can the Coros Vertix rival the Garmin Fenix 5

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Coros Vertix vs Fenix 5 Plus

Coros, has announced the Vetix this week with a clear target on the likes of Suunto and Garmin. At first glance, looking at the Coros Vertix is the obvious similarities to the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus series, but is it all that it seems?

So before we get into the Coros Vertix vs the Fenix 5. Lets just take a quick look at the design and feature set that comes with the new fitness watch.

Coros Vertix design and featuresCoros Vertix design

The Vertix comes in 48mm size watch and comes in four different looks. In terms of materials, they have made the Vertix from titanium with sapphire glass covering its 1.2-inch display. Coros has also included Quickfit style changeable straps.

Coros are releasing an ICE-BREAKER model which features an azure titanium bezel and transparent fibre-case which is hand-assembled.

Pricing for this model is $799 and it won’t be available until later in the year.

For tracking the fitness watch features GPS/GLONASS for mapping your outdoor adventures. On the rear you get optical heart rate monitor, which supports training in heart rate zones. It also includes a host of outdoor-friendly sensors like a barometric altimeter and a compass.

Battery life is huge on the Vertix with the claim of up to 60 hours in full GPS mode, 150 hours in UltraMax mode and 45 days in regular watch mode. I have got to admit these are impressive battery life specs and something that will get heads turning.

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The headline feature on the Coros is the Altitude Performance System. Which collects the data from the onboard pulse oximeter to measure oxygen levels or oxygen saturation in the blood.

This feature is useful to monitor oxygen intake and blood oxygen saturation. Which if left unmonitored, may lead to symptoms related to altitude sickness.

When you reach an altitude above 2,500 metres, the Vertix’s alert monitoring system will kick in. This will offer recommendations on whether to continue your ascent or to focus on resting up before continuing.

While Coros has aimed the Vertix at the outdoor hiking, climber market. It would appear the Vertix is a capable fitness watch with a raft of features.

In terms of other features, the Vertix tracks running, cycling and swimming along with a triathlon mode. There are also navigation features including the ability to import routes onto the device, but no Topo maps like on the Forerunner 945 or Fenix 5 Plus.

You also get ANT+ support on the Coros Vertix. which means you can pair external devices like heart rate monitor chest straps and speed and cadence sensors. I think this is a big bonus if you have already invested in ANT+ devices.

Coros Vertix vs Garmin Fenix 5 Plus?Coros vertix vs Fenix 5 Plus

The Coros Vertix looks like a Fenix 5 knockoff and would suspect Garmin’s legal team will watch this close. However, that being said it is a cheap knockoff. Yes, the outside atheistic’s look great, but the underlying platform and features are lacking.

Then we move onto the elephant in the room and that is price. The Vertix goes on sale on 4 June with pricing starting at $599 up to $699 for the most expensive. So it’s solidly in the same price point as the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus and the Suunto 9. But it lacks the mapping, music and pay features of the Fenix 5 Plus series, not to mention the companion apps and other standout features from Garmin and Suunto.

The bottom line on this, Coros has played this wrong from a price point of view. Outdoor and fitness types have plenty of choice at a similar price. The Fenix 5 Plus along with the Forerunner 945 offer more features from a proven manufacturer. I would even say, apart from the Spo2 sensor, you get better value in the Forerunner 245.

So if you are looking at the Coros Vertix vs Fenix 5, then stick with the Garmin because of the price point alone and lack of features on the Vertix to compete.

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the5krunner (tfk)

Coros may have the wrong price. Time will tell. Even if it is the wrong price, economics 101 is easy enough to let them discount the price. Price is much more easily changeable than hardware/software features. though there could be some reputational damage. Although that damage seems to have already been done by others. Coros seem to have a highly niche strategy, meaning they are targetting specific market segments and, in the case of the Vertix, I assume they target high-altitude mountaineers. Most people who are commenting (including me) have little idea of what that market segment needs/wants and I… Read more »


5k, read the review you did and poles apart compared to DCraymaker.


Spot on with the point about the price! The Vertex is overpriced and lacks features when you look at other watches. $599 for a Coros when I can get a Fenix 5 for $499…. no thanks


I have a Fenix 5 Plus for almost over 7 months, love the device, but it’s full of bugs, the biggest issue i have is the battery drain, I’m currently on their latest v7.1, without any GPS activity, my battery can only last about 7 days, no where close like they claimed 12 days. Ijust ordered one from Coros and going to try it out, and Coros’s watch support chinese character display that Garmin wants to charge extra $150-250 dollars for their region lock marketing…. Come on Garmin, we are in 21st century, or at least offer consumer a choice… Read more »

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