B’TWIN 300 waterproof cycling jacket

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B'TWIN 300 waterproof cycling jacket Summary
At £11.99 the Btwin 300 waterproof cycling jacket is a steal. It keeps you dry in heavy downpours and has reasonable breathability. I have used this jacket for walking and cycling and on occasion just out and about. For the price point you cant go wrong

B’TWIN 300 waterproof cycling jacket

My first thoughts about this waterproof cycling jacket was tainted by the low price, at 11.99 I was thinking how could this be a good jacket for the price. However after using this jacket for cycling and other activities that impression has changed, whilst its not a top brand and does have its flaws the jacket is a excellent purchase for the cash.


Test the B'TWIN 300 WATERPROOF CYCLING JACKET in the rain and it held up well

Construction and design

  • Waterproof – material with sealed seams on the shoulders and armholes.
  • BREATHABILITY – Ventilation openings on the underarms and in the back.
  • VISIBILITY – Reflective inserts on the forearms.
  • POCKETS – Two secured side pockets.
  • COMPACT DESIGN – Can be folded and tucked into its inside pocket.

Sizing and style

On first inspection of the B’tWIN waterproof jack it is very light weight and can easily fit into the back pocket of a cycling jersey or if big enough a saddle bag. The jacket comes in red and blue options and as you can see I tested the red version, no differences in design or quality other than the colour. I am a 42 chest and went for the size Large and this provided more than enough room when wearing several layers with the jacket.

Test the B’TWIN 300 WATERPROOF CYCLING JACKET in the rain and it held up well

Cycling jacket Performance

I have used the B’TWIN Jacket in  a heavy downpour that lasted for 45 minutes and the jacket held up well. A nice feature of the jacket is the elastic bands on the cuffs which help prevent water from coming in via the cuff and rolling down your arm, after all no one likes water creeping in. The jacket has 2 pockets at the front that provide enough room for a phone or even a wallet and keys which is zipped closed. These zips are not sealed, but it will provide enough protection. Whilst the jacket is not windproof I did feel it did a good job when testing it during a windy ride and out walking.

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When looking at this jacket you will be thinking about the breathability at this price point, but having used this jacket for numerous rides and walks along with general use its pretty good and I didn’t feel I was hotter or clammy than normal even after a hard ride.

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Test ride of the btwin 300 waterproof jacket in the rain
Test ride of the btwin 300 waterproof jacket in the rain


You cant go wrong with this jacket when used with some warm layers underneath on a cold day. The waterproofing is good and the breathability is very good for the price. Don’t get me wrong, you can get a better jacket that will offer better protection and breathability but will be paying 5 times this price or maybe more. Its a bargain at Decathlon at the moment due to it being on sale Follow this link


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