Bose QC35 ii with Google Assistant launched

Google and Bose have today announced a tnew version of the headphone maker’s great noise cancelling headphones, the QC 35 or also known as the Bose QC35 ii. The big and only change is the addition of Google assistant and apart from this nothing has changed

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Bose QC35 ii it’s all the same

So, apart from the addition of Google Assitant via a new button, The QC35’s sound the same as the previous version. The pricing is the same as before$350 (£330, AU$500).  It also features the same battery performance (up to 20 hours) and the same controls on the right ear cup — audio volume and the multi-function button for incoming calls and accessing Siri.

Google Assitant does all the hard work

Setting them up is done via Bluetooth and is done via the Google assistant app which is available both on Andriod and iOS.The Google Assistant feature on the QC 35 II relies heavily on the Android phone or iPhone for most of the processing and network connectivity.

So whilst this is a big step forward in using Google assistant, its just really an extension of your phone, but the biggest advantage is you don’t have to take your phone of your pocket to use it.

Using Google Assistant on QC35 ii

Using Google Assistant on the QC35’s is simple and you simply hold down the new button that’s on the right ear cup to trigger the Google Assistant. Google says that it can do most things the Assistant can do on your phone — read messages, play music or news, and of course call people. Google did say that some of the features that are available on some devices may not be avaiable, I will report more when I get my hands on a demo unit to try out.

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Bose QC35 ii with Google assistant pricing

They have been released in the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, and the UK. They should be available today for $349.95 (£330, AU$500)

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