Best Garmin watch faces to download from Connect IQ – 2019 Edition

Garmin Watch Faces of 2019

If you are a Garmin user, then you will know you can download Apps, widgets and watch faces from the Connect IQ Store. One of the biggest changes you can make to your Garmin is the watch face. So Back in 2017, I wrote the first Garmin Watch faces guide, and it proved to be popular, then a follow up in 2018.

Like anything, all watch faces are not equal and this is not just down to how they look. When I am choosing one for my Garmin, I take into account performance and battery life. So, you may find a great-looking watch face, but if its buggy and drains your battery, then it’s no good.

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Over time, developers have got more creative, improve battery life and implemented new features. So what might have been great in 2017, may not be in 2019.

All the watch faces in this guide all work on the Fenix 5 series, Vivoactive 3, Forerunner 245, 45 and 945. So, if the stock Garmin watch face is not cutting it for you. Then check out my list of Garmin Watch faces that you can from the Connect IQ Store.

So, continue reading to find out which Garmin watch face made it onto my Fenix 5x Plus in 2019.

My WatchMy Watch Garmin Watch face

My Watch features on the list for the first time this year and for a very good reason. The face gets a lot of data on to the screen, but uses a mix of colours, icons and graphs to help you easily understand the data.

It comes in two style, which are dark and light and in terms of date it include everything from heart rate, moon phases, your weekly intensity activity time, altitude and temperature.

The data displayed is all dependant of the sensors that your Garmin wearables has onboard.


ActifaceActiface watch face

ActiFace watch face has been downloaded over 1 million times in the Connect IQ Store. The watch face makes the list for a third year running, as it already appeared in the 2017 and 2018 version.

The watch shows the time and date along with your activity history. You also get a snapshot of your calories and distance, plus daily goal progress, step count and notifications.


LineLine watch face on Garmin

The Line Garmin watch face allows for a lot of customisation, but its interface is simple and easy to read. I came across this watch face after watching a YouTube video a last year. Since then I have used it on the Fenix 5x and now I use it on the Fenix 5x Plus.

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Lines developer has split the watch face into two parts with the right side of the screen displaying calorie burn, battery life, weather and heart rate. On the left, you’ll get the time and date. You can also customise the colour to suit your preference depending on your mood.


CrystalCrystal watch face

Winner of best new watch face at Garmin’s 2019 Connect IQ Developer awards. The Crystal watch face presents the data you need without cluttering your screen.

The Crystal watch face has three configurable data fields: heart rate, battery and notifications. The notifications will display when your watch is paired to your phone, and it also features Garmin’s Move Bar.

Down the side of the face, you can also assign features like battery life and your step count to complete your data fix.


NoFrillsNoFrills watch face on a Fenix 5x

NoFrills is another Garmin watch face that makes the list 3 years in a row. The watch face as a simple design and helps with the battery on the watch. Whilst it does not have lots of customisation it has a nice animation using the time field which fills up based on progress made against the exercise you have completed.

In terms of data, you can present, steps, distance, calorie, sunrise/sunset, altitude and temperature.


So that’s my top Garmin Watch faces, what is yours, then leave a comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe to receive the latest Wearables, Tech and Smart home.

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