Belkin’s Phyn smart water assistant can monitor usage and leaks

Belkin has announced a new Phyn Smart Water Assistant. The unit can help home owners conserve water, avoid trouble, and save money by monitoring your water supply.

Belkin released the $850 Phyn Plus system in2018, but that requires professional installation by a plumber. Whereas the Phyn smart water assistant does not. So this option is great from a DIY perspective and cheaper.

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The reason for the lower price is that the unit cannot automatically shut off the water if it detects a problem. Phyn works by attaching the Wi-Fi-based Smart Water Assistant to the hot and cold-water pipes that feed your home. It then measures microscopic changes in water pressure and alerts you too an issue. Phyn will also alert you if your bathwater has been running longer than normal, to prevent the water overflowing

Phyn Smart Water Assistant works with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT, but no word on support for HomeKit. The smart water assistant will start shipping in the US in September for a price of $299.

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