Avia smart lock offers HomeKit with support for MultiPoint locks

HomeKit enabled multi-point lock

AVIA has announced the upcoming HomeKit multi-point smart lock. Rather than using a deadbolt lock found in most of the other Smart locks on the market at the moment, the AVIA smart lock is compatible with Multi-point locks.

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In the UK and Europe, you will find a multi-point locking system, in most UPVC and composite doors.

However, multi-point locks have taken off in the US, India and China as they offer superior security performance to conventional deadlocks.

The AVIA smart lock works as part of the home’s existing HomeKit network. Which means you can use an iPhone, iPad, and the Apple Watch to control the lock via an Internet connection or locally via Bluetooth.

You can also control the AVIA Smart lock via optional accessories which are they can use a Bluetooth such as a key fob when nearby to the door, a keypad for code-based entry, and a mechanical key override.

Up to 10 users can have access to the lock. It is also possible to send virtual keys to other people for use via their smartphones, with a full audit trail recorded for all activity. If you choose, you can use a traditional key that may be used in the TS 007 3 star cylinder as an emergency backup to offer total peace of mind.HomeKit Multi point lock

In terms of design, it looks like a traditional door lock and even allows you to use door handles of your choosing, including those produced by AVIA in a variety of different finishes.

The company claims that any competent person can install the AVIA Smart lock on existing multi-point-equipped doors and HomeKit setup is straightforward

AVIA Smart Lock availability and pricing

The AVIA smart locks and accessories will be available from May 2019 via the Apple website, Amazon and direct from the company itself in the UK and in the US it will be available via door and window specialist Roto North America.

I am excited that a HomeKit enabled multi-point lock is hitting the market as here in the UK, Smart Locks like August is not suitable for most UK homes, and I am looking forward to reviewing this product when it arrives in May.

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