Avia smart lock hands on review – HomeKit enabled lock

Avia Smart lock hands on review

Avia smart has been teasing the smart lock for a good few months now via social media. The company has finally revealed at Fitshow 2019, and I went down to the NEC to carry out Avia Smart lock hands-on review.

Please note – This Avia Smart lock hands-on review is just that, I typically do my reviews on final devices with final firmware. These reviews have more extended test periods and will generally take place at my location. It would appear from my hands-on time; the device is still in beta stage, however, as always this will not be held against them

You can read more on our review promise, now that’s out of the way, let us get into the detail.

Avia smart lock design

  • Comes in different external finishes
  • Manual key override
  • Ultion TS007 3 star cylinder
  • compatible with most multi-point locking systems

On first impressions, the Avia Smart lock looks like a traditional lock on the outside. It is when you look at the internal device, then it is obvious its smart lock of some kind. It does feature a locking manual key entry if the device happens to fail for any reason.Avia Smart lock external

One of the immediate observations is that the Avia Smart Lock is big! I didn’t get the opportunity to measure the lock, but I put a 330ml bottle against it to give you an idea. While you can get different colours for the external fixtures, the internal is a stainless steel finish.Avia Smart lock size

At the top of the Avia smart lock, you find the battery compartment which also houses the intelligent stuff. Just below the handle, you find a button, and this is used to open and close, along with a status light to indicator status of the lock — finally the internal locking.

It is worth noting that the Avia Smart lock will only fit door thickness must be between 44mm – 70mm. Also, the distance between the cylinder centre and the centre of the door handle must be 92mm.Avia Smart lock size

Avia smart lock features

  • Bluetooth 5 connectivity
  • semi Automatic Locking
  • HomeKit support
  • Avia App
  • Battery powered

Avia smart lock uses Bluetooth 5, which is the IoT things standard for connected devices. Which should, in theory, give you a better Bluetooth range? However, when I was testing 3 of the 4 test devices was out of action. While this could have been down to the conference facility at the NEC, this would typically affect Wifi and not Bluetooth. However, regardless of the connectivity issues, the device I was using worked without any problems.

One of the stand out features of the Avia smart lock is the semi-automatic locking. When you are leaving home, you “raise the handle” and the lock will automatically close.

I didn’t get any time using the Avia app as it was not set up, but I did ask to see it, and it looks very much like the Apple Home App. So much so the guy showing me around got it confused and showed me the Home app first until I pointed out his mistake.Avia Smart lock fob

The smart lock also comes with a Bluetooth fob, which again was easy and straightforward to use. Avia will be bringing to market other devices like facial recognition and keypads that will work with the Smart lock later in the year.

The cylinder lock used in the Avia Smart lock is a Ultion TS007 3 star cylinder, which has lock snapping protection and is accredited by SBD (Secured by Design).Avia Smart lock Batteries

Finally, the unit is powered by 4 AAA batteries, which according to the Avia rep would last for about 12 months based on typical use.

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Avia smart lock HomeKit

I had the chance to use it with the HomeKit app, and it allowed me to unlock and lock the door. I didn’t get the chance to test and use any of the automation features of the smart lock due to the time I had with the smart lock.

Because you need an iOS device to use HomeKit, then you need an iPhone to control the Avia smart lock for entry. This means that if you are an Andriod user, then you are out of luck for now, but the Avia rep did say it may come later in 2019.Avia Smart lock HomeKit

It is also worth noting to use the Avia Smart lock remotely; you would need an iPad, HomePod or an Apple TV always on in the Home connected. But that is no different from any HomeKit device that does not come with a Hub.

Avia smart lock hands on review conclusion

Overall I did like the look and feel of the Avia Smart Lock, but it is slightly on the large size, which could put some off. It did remind me of a lock you would get in a secured facility from a sci-fi film.

I liked the fact you had the option of a key override and was able to use the keyfob instead of the app. This would be useful for those that use Andriod.Avia Smart lock button

While I suspect the devices on the demo were beta products and this may have been causing the drop out to the Apple hub, resulting in “unresponsive” state within the Home App. I did find this worrying, but for the benefit of this hands-on article, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.

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One of the other key points to point out is that the Avia smart lock does not support, Google Assistant and Alexa. While they could offer this support in the future, they could be missing out on a big market in the smart home space.

Avia smart lock Pricing and availability

While no official release date or price was given to me by the media team. The rep that showed me around the product did say it will be arriving in September at around £260 which includes, the Avia lock, fob and 4 AAA batteries.

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Avia Smart lock

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  1. cheers for the review, so take it the button can be pressed to lock/unlock after the handle has been raised ?, if so, then I assume that the knob bellow the button acts like the key on the external as in it is for manual unlocking incase of battery failure ?

    • Not had either of them in my home yet. If you are wanting/needing one now. Then the Ultion is out next month.

      In terms of which one. Just based on looks, the Ultion is more appealing to me

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