August View Doorbell Camera, but no HomeKit

After the recent leak last month, August has unveiled the new August View, a new wire-free doorbell camera that can deliver video to your smartphone.

The August view is a wireless door that requires no existing wiring to function. It has a 1440p lens that’s designed to minimise fisheye distortion with a night vision capability.

However, the biggest shock is that the August View does not support HomeKit at the time of release, despite its smart lock products supporting the smart home system.

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August View design

The August View is a small rectangular box with a camera at the top and a big button at the bottom to ring the bell. It’s fairly obvious that the device is a doorbell which is a big change from the first two generations of August doorbells.August view chime

You also have the choice of eight different faceplates. They include four metal faceplates (satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, satin brass and midnight grey) and four coloured faceplates that include black, red, blue and white options. These options will allow users to customise the style to match the home.

August View features

August has included a 1440p lens which they say will limit fisheye distortion when viewing along with an IR sensor for use at night.

You can also talk to people via the August View, which means a user can see and speak to visitors as well as let them in, all from their phones. If you are using an August smart lock, you can also unlock via the app once you have confirmed who is at the door.August view white

August power the doorbell by a rechargeable battery, which the company say will last between three to six months on a charge. But, users will get many alerts before the battery dies.

While the August View does not need wired power, the doorbell comes with a separate chime that requires a power source, but it can plug in via a power socket.

The biggest downside I can see with the August view is for remote streaming and storage.

You can stream a live feed from the August View, but if you want to view the clips, it records whenever there’s motion, you’ll only be able to see five short seconds of them, and it limits this to only for 24 hours. To get anything more than that then you need to pay August monthly to get more.August view real time chat

For its other doorbell cameras, August lets you view the entire video for 24 hours without paying. A premium plan costs $4.99 per month.

August View HomeKit, Alexa and Google Home

August has confirmed that the Doorbell will work with Google Home and Alexa, but will not support HomeKit at launch. I have reached out to August to confirm the HomeKit situation and will update the post once I hear.

Pricing and Availability:
The August View will be available for purchase on and select national retailers beginning on March 28, 2019, for $229.99. No word on the UK pricing or outside of the US at present.

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