August view back on sale after fixes

The August View, the wire-free doorbell camera, is available again for purchase. The company has said it has made improvements to connectivity, video quality, operation speed, notifications and device wake-up time.

At the start of the August view release back in April, the company stopped shipping of the smart doorbell camera. This was due problems related to Wi-Fi connectivity and other issues reported by users.

The problem was caused caused by a Wi-Fi chip in the View doorbell, specifically designed to run the battery-powered doorbell on low power until an event wakes it up. But this chip appeared to be causing significant connectivity issues. The issue was more apparent on mesh networks.

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When August stopped the sale of its doorbell, it also let customers send back the device for a full refund. But if you kept it, you can now install an automatic firmware update once it is powered back on and connected to Wi-Fi to fix the connectivity problem.

I am planning on getting my hands on with one soon and will publish a full review. However, if you are convinced by August’s promises, you can order one now for $229.

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