Aqara Release Update to App along with Hub Firmware Update

Aqara, the smart home outfit has released an updated version of their app that fixes a few bugs, along with some new devices you can add through the app. Plus an update to the Aqare hub firmware has arrived in the form of v1.5.7.

Aqara App update

The Aqara app now lets you add the other Mi hubs to the app.  You can now add the gas and smoke sensors/alarms, a new 2-channel wireless relay controller, and a dimmer with this update and pair them with HomeKit through the Aqara Hub.

They have also allowed the pairing of the Aqara AC companion, but as of this firmware update, you can’t pair this with HomeKit.Aqara app update

Aqara has also provisioned a new US Server option, so now you have a Mainland China server, but still no euro server yet. As the Aqara Hub is getting popular in the EU/UK, bringing the EU server and official EU/UK Aqara products is a must.

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Aqara Hub v1.5.7

Moving onto the Aqara hub, there is now a firmware update available that brings the firmware up to v.1.5.7. According to HomeKitnews, Aqara were beta testing v1.5.4, but it looks like they have jumped a version with the official release.

As of now, I have not been able to find a changelog that details the updated features and what has changed, but will post it once I find it.

You can find the update in the Aqara app and use this to update the hub.

Aqara hub HomeKit UK/EU?

Whilst this is great news for US and ASIA countries, we are still waiting for the EU/UK version of the Aqara Hub with HomeKit support along with EU/UK versions of the Aqara smart products, in particular, the smart plug. Aqara Hub EU UK version

Yes, you can buy them through sites like Gearbest and AliExpress and these are what is called the international version, which requires you to use a plug adapter for the Aqara Hub.

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