Aqara now features in Apple Stores in China

Based on photos taken by HomeKit News, confirm that Aqara products have made their official debut into Apple Store throughout China

The Aqara Hub and accessories sit next to several other brands that offer HomeKit support, which is a big win for Aqara.

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The range of Aqara products has been around a fair bit now. Then the release of the Aqara Hub that supports HomeKit, they are becoming a hot HomeKit brand due to the low price.Aqara in Apple Stores China

HomeKitnews took the phone at the Shanghai Apple Store, and you can see a selection of Aqara’s product line that works with Apple HomeKit.

While this might seem like good news for both Aqara and HomeKit enthusiasts in China. This still leaves customers internationally needing to buy “international versions via Aliexpress or other marketplaces.

Aqara US, EU, UK Release?

HomeKitnews has also reported that they would list the Aqara products on Monday, March 11th. But this date has come and gone with no sight.

We reached out to the Aqara PR team last week and asked about the international launch and told: “The release date for UK and EU products is still not known.”

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