Aqara hub M2 and other new products to be released?

Aqara the smart home company that offers a raft of HomeKit compatible products may be set to launch a new Hub and devices. Based on reports the Aqara hub M2 may be about to launch along with a slew of new Aqara devices coming soon.

The new Aqara Hub M2 appears in the Android beta version of the Aqara app. While we won’t see HomeKit support via Android, HomeKitNews has seen screenshots that of the HomeKit code on the new Hub.

Aqara hub M2 setup

In addition, of the Aqara Hub M2 listed, they have an Aqara Smart Hub, which looks like a European Mi Gateway. Along with Multifunction Hub and an Aqara Wall Outlet Hub.

In terms of new Aqara devices, we now see two new Spot Lights. They have listed these Spot Light as adjustable brightness. Also, for the first time in the Aqara app, the Aqara S2 and S2 Pro door locks. The B1 curtain controller and the Roller Shade controller also make an appearance. What is not clear is if these new products will support HomeKit?Aqara new devices

Aqara is not slowing down in bringing smart home and HomeKit devices to the market. The only missing piece in the puzzle is UK versions of the products.

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