Apple wearables see sales jump in Q1

Apple posted a fiscal second-quarter profit of $11.6 billion with revenues of $58 billion. It’s the Wearables business that saw the biggest 50% jump in the wearables business, which includes the Apple Watch and AirPods.
Apple shares jumped 5% after the market close thanks to the better-than-expected results and guidance according to Yahoo Finance.

What does this mean for other wearable makers?Apple wearables growth

It comes as no surprise that Apple Watch is a big seller and with analysts predicting the wearables sector could be worth $28 billion in 2019, what does this mean for others?
In 2018, the Apple Watch was ahead in shipments with the likes of Fitbit and Samsung behind with this trend set to continue in 2019.
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While we see the likes of Samsung keeping in the fight with Apple, the likes of Garmin will see their sales squeezed. Although Garmin will still have buyers for its niche areas like the Fenix and Forerunner lines, it’s the mass market Vivo series that will come under pressure.

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