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Apple Watch Series 5 release date, rumours: ECG Feature, ceramic casing

Apple Watch series 5 release

The new Apple Watch Series 5 rumours have already started to surface, but this is no different with any Apple product and will keep coming until the new Apple Wearable is released more than likely around September 2019.

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Apple enthusiasts are anticipating that the company will have some big announcements next month. Although the current thinking is that the March events will be focused on services and the iPad.

But some of the latest rumours were fueled by trusted Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo taking about the new features that may be coming to the Apple Watch Series 5 when its released later this year.

Apple Watch Series 5 release rumour details

  • What is it?: It is the Apple Watch Series 5, Apple’s future wearable.
  • When is it out?: based on recent information, The Apple Watch Series 5 will be released in September 2019.
  • What will it cost?:¬†Pricing is currently unknown, but expect prices to be in line with current Apple Watch pricing.
  • What features will it have?: The New Apple Watch series 5 is said to be coming with improvements to the ECG, more countries and new materials with the reintroduction of the Ceramic case.

Apple Watch Series 5 ECG feature to be expanded to more countries

The new smartwatch is said to make the ECG feature available in different parts of the world, contrary to the U.S.-exclusive version available in the current-generation wearable.Apple Watch Series 5 ECG features

The main reason for the feature not being made available outside the US is due to Health regulatory challenges and what is required for each country. But in typical Apple fashion, they tend to carefully deploy the more complicated services or features before a more widespread availability.

Apple Watch 5 to come in a ceramic casing

Another feature rumoured for the Apple Watch series 5 is that it would be available again in a ceramic casing. Whilst Apple did ditch this from the Series 4 line up, it does offer a lighter and more scratch resistant material.Apple Watch Series 5 ceramic

Whilst Apple may have ditched the ceramic casing option because of the low sales volumes and this may have been due to the high prices. They may bring the model back at a lower price as some Apple fans were disappointed when it didn’t stay in the line up in 2018.

Apple Watch Series 5 release and price

If Apple follows normal tradition then the Apple Watch Series 5 will be announced in September 2019 at the normal iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch event along with the release of WatchOS 6 and iOS 13.

Pricing is still unknown, however, expect to pay in the same region as the current Apple Watch Series 4.

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